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Wax Mix

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I had me thinking the other day that i have a beta mix wax -6 to -14 and a sponge applicator 100% fluoro liquid. So i figured why not melt the wax and mix in some fluoro. Its done now and i will try it tommrow but i would like to hear what everyone thinks of my idea. Am i an idiot or has someone tried this, and will it even make a difference?
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Used to do it allatime* with Zardoz & CH6, popsicle and icecube-tray style. Worked well for really agressive but warm snowgun snow (7Springs). LF4 + Zardoz worked well for fresh snow at MSA.

Now Zardoz is pretty inert with almost nothing else (it has rust blockers) in it.

I don't know what your '100% fluoro' is but it is possible that additives will

- interact with the hardening agents in the solid to change the effective temp (e.g. soften it) Take a sharp edge or nail, see if the result is softer.
- smoke or flash on the iron (heat the iron up very slowly at first)

*still do it for snowblades
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