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1080 questions

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I love my old Bandit X’s for bumps and trees and soft snow conditions. I have been planning to replace my old pair with a new set at some point. The new ones are more shapely and beefier and would probably handle a wider range of snow conditions. The Bandits I am on now tend to lose some charm in gunk and stiffer snow.

Last weekend I got to try some 1080’s in the afternoon during my Berthoud Pass cat trip. They were light. I was surprised that they are wider than the Bandit XX by a good measure. I am now wondering if they would be a good replacement for the X’s. They def. can handle more adverse snow conditions better than the X. But can they bump well, make quick turns, etc.

I will try them myself at a tamer area but I am curious. I think Altaskier has mentioned he has a pair to back up his g4’s, or vice versa.

And please, don’t try to get me onto the XX’s. I have skied those and like them and would like to own a pair, but they are not the super quick edge to edge ski I would use on the front side of Mary Jane and banging around Winter Park.

Any opinions as to the 1080 in bumps etc??
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I've tried them and though that they were ok in the bumps for a 80 mm waisted ski. The best way to describe it is like a smaller pocket rocket. If you hate the pocket rocket you probably won't like the 1080
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