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Good Luck Tsavo

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Next Monday Katy will have surgery on the shoulder she injured last Ocober at Loveland. I know we all wish her well.

She has been lapping up the POWDAH at Copper in the meantime.

I just don't understand, with one days recovery time available, why she won't be joining us at Vail for the Rocky Mountain Academy (a great three day clinic with members of the PSIA Demo Team). We'll supply the Advil-or beer as needed.
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Thanks Mike!
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You go, girl! Let us know how it goes?
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Best Wishes Katy!! Heal fast.

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You go, girl! Woohoo!
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Rehab like a Girl!
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I know it was tough hanging 'em up on a picture perfect day like today. We'll all be thinking of you next week.

Remember-Loveland next October!!!!
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I predict Katy will be done with rehab in 2 months -- she already knows how to rehab a shoulder!

then ... she will be out biking, kayaking and golfing as soon as the snow melts ... oh wait, that may not be until August at this rate!

I'll miss ya, Groomer Girlfriend!
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Speedy recovery to you Katie - there will always be more powder days waiting for you.
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Hope your surgery went as well as mine did last June! My shoulder is great! First real test of it comes today though.
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Katy, I hope that "drive through" goes as quickly as planned. You know I'm pullin' for ya!
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Talked with Katy yesterday (Sunday)-surgery went well, still feeling some discomfort-as would be expected.
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