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Ski Bus - Is the DC Area ready for one?

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Attiva Outdoors is in the process of launching the first DC-area ski bus. Currently, the bus schedule runs only on Saturdays to Whitetail Ski Resort - but, with demand and time, Attiva Outdoors hopes to expand to other days and possibly other destinations!

Although the first bus (which ran last Saturday) had only 7 people in total, and despite thoughts that a ski bus to Whitetail or Liberty is not what the DC-area needs, we hope that interest will increase throughout this season. Please check out the website for more information (www.attivaoutdoors.com).

Any feedback is welcome - if you wouldn't take the bus, why not? how can we make the service more convenient for all?

Thanks so much,
Lori - Attiva Outdoors
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Me and my friend (Kowalski) want to make a Ski-Van and go to placs and just sleep in the van but make that van all tricked out!
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How is your service any different from what the SCWDC already does? I no longer live in the DC area, but when I was there, SCWDC certainly ran bus trips to Liberty, Whitetail, Roundtop, and several New England resorts.
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This year, SCWDC runs very few (if any) one-day bus trips to the local mountains... in fact, they mention on the website that they had to cancel these due to the increase in bus costs this year. Instead, they have organized several car-pool options for day trips, but tend to favor Liberty and Roundtop as preferred destinations. In addition, the prices for these trips (usually life ticket and lesson) actually costs more than it a lift ticket and lesson do through Attiva Outdoors. Of course, with Attiva Outdoors, you also pay for the bus ride - but it saves you having to drive your car and allows you to relax on the way home (maybe even drink a beer since you aren't the driver!).

Attiva Outdoors operates under a true "bus service" model. You log onto our website (www.attivaoutdoors.com), buy the bus ticket electronically (and any lift, lesson or rental options that you like) and then show up for the bus. The bus makes three local stops in the DC area (downtown DC, McLean VA and Bethesda MD) before heading up to Whitetail for a good 7 hour day of skiing.

Hope that all who are in the DC area will give us a try! Hope to see you on the mountains.
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Good luck with it, sounds like a good idea. Hope you can get the word out.
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it's like carpooling, only better. who cares if it seems to some people as "duplicating another"? it gets people there with fewer cars, probably less petroproduct fuel burned too.

good luck Attiva. I wish such things were operating when I lived in DC.
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good luck with the new venture.

i wish we had a service like that in the NY metro area. seems like all the services opt for hunter or windham. i'd like to see a bus service to some alternative places like PA & VT.
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Good luck with the venture! Sounds like a good idea, just need to get the word out that the service exists. ;-)

Not sure what the parking situation is like around the stop in DC... nice that its at a metro stop, but not sure if I'd want to lug my equipment onto the metro. Maybe another stop in Pentagon City...
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I might give it a try this season. For me, 7 hours at any of the three would be overkill. I like to leave early in the morning, hit the chair express at WT first thing and ski for about 4 hours. No crowds, good conditions and the trip time avoids the area traffic snags.
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It's looks like a good idea, and I wish you luck but who knows what the demand will be.

People in our area are a funny bunch when it comes to ride-sharing for what-ever reason.,
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I'm not sure about this.

I thought it sounded ike a great idea, even if it meant driving from Sterling to McLean to catch the bus (wrong direction). It'd be nice not to have to schlep my gear and my daughter's gear from the parking lot to the hill. However, with the added hassle and time and the fact that it costs more than I'd spend on gas (and that's in a pickup that only gets 15mpg), there is no way I'd plunk down $50 for 2 of us to ride the bus. For $10 I can use the valet parking at Whitetail if I was desperate to eliminate the walk.

The best way for folks to lower the cost and ease the ride to the hill is to use EpicSki to set up carpools. Put 2-4 people in a car, split the cost of gas, and it works much better, and you don't have to drive out of your way just to meet the ride.

I don't think it's going to work, except maybe for high school kids who don't have friends that ski or have drivers licenses.
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Attiva - consider giving group or family discounts. Like JohnH said, $25 isn't unreasonable for one person if it saves someone from doing the trip but $50 for 2, $100 for a family of 4? Not so likely.

If you have the startup capital to do so, it'd be good to sell seats at cost or under cost just to gain volume and fill the bus for the first season.
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Attiva - I wish you the best of luck with this venture. However, I tend to agree with JohnH.

I also don't like to be roped into particular coming and going times. I tend to ski early then head home early, thereby not completely getting the doghouse treatment from my wife. I imagine the bus would run for full day ventures and I just can't afford that much time away from the family.
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