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Pre-ESA assistance in SLC?

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So, I am working on a hand-off of a small piece of gear from a Bear who is leaving SLC on the 27th. I am arriving on the 28th and heading up to Snowbird. Is there a Bear who will be attending the ESA who might be able to pick up this item and play courier for us?

Let me know...

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since I'm driving to ESA, I could probably do it. where is this thing, what is it, when do you need it?
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It's a wrap-around bag to hold the video camera. Another Bear has it. Let me get the particulars, but they are leaving on the 27th.
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I suppose it would depend on what time of day they're leaving. If it's early evening I can probably make it. Earlier, I probably cannot. I plan to get into SLC on Friday evening.
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Thanks, UC. I'll let you know...
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Try Rob, Chip or Maggie at the Snowbird ski school. You can probably arrange to have it left with one of them!

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now there's an idea!
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I'm having the shirts shipped to our lodgings well in advance of the event. I'm sure you could just have it left for you there as well.
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I wasn't sure my benefactor would be up the canyon, but it looks like they will be, so that will work well. Thanks, friends!
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