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I have heard some talk this season here in the East about where in the legs we get the most power from when we talk about turning (guiding) our skis. I have heard such terms as "Strength in Length"-as in getting more power from the thighs when we are standing taller....but where, I asked do our thighs begin and end? (This next part is a bit of a plug for my Ski Skeletally t-shirts, which you can get, incidentally by visiting and in buying one, a donation will be made to help kids with cancer, but..)

I had my Ski Skeletally T-shirt on and that gave me an idea...I asked the small group of us, which included our tech director, where our thighs end and hip sockets begin? (I know, hip sockets don't really "begin", they just exist)

Where do you think most folks think their hips are?

I bet its a lot higher than they really are!

Well, I showed off the Skelly shirt and pointed to the hip socket in the pelvis.
Then, I pointed to my own hip sockets and showed how it was much lower than what most people would have considered my "hips"

(Now, I bet you all want a skelly shirt so you can demonstrate this, right?)

Vertically speaking, turning the legs should begin there, yes?
As you ski, you can feel it originate from there when you picture your hip sockets turning low in your pelvis while your upper body (everything above there) remains quiet.

its an interesting focus, that I wanted to share with you guys. I invite your feedback by all means!
Try it out. It feels pretty cool. This works best with short radius or even smedium radius turns while your new "upper body" remains facing down the fall line and your new "legs" turn beneath you.