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Head Mojo bevel specs?

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Did a search with no luck.Does anyone know this?
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ive read either on this forum or on tgr that its 1* base, 2* side and that was confirmed by another person or two
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Thanks for the info.1/2 would help the edges hold up to the abuse park skis take.Might try 1/3 since I`m not sliding any rails.I doubt if the kids riding this model care to much about "carving " a turn.
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Head's are all 1/1 as far as I know.
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Can anyone confirm 1/1 or 1/2?
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I wondered myself and did the marker test on the edge first time I polished them. 2* seemed to remove the sharpie marker best. If they aren't 2*, they will be soon as that's where I'm tuning them daily for more active edges, yet still good for park use.
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