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I am:

PSIA Level II cert since 1994.
4 years teaching at Mt Holly, MI
4 years teaching at Crystal Mtn, MI
An avid student of all systems and ideas
Aspiring Masters racer
Middlin' Nastar racer with occasional flashes of brilliance:

Always looking for insight from others!!

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Getting back on the "EpicSkis", I've been away for sometime
Teaching 18yrs
PSIA Cert 3 in 1993
Accredited Trainer 1999
Cyberskier since 1995

It doesn't seem like I have been doing it for that long, I'm really not that old

Why do I ski and teach, "cause I dig it man!"
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Teaching for 6 years. Pierre eh taught me everything I know.
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CSIA L4 Course Conductor/Examiner
PSIA-RM Trainer Accreditation (no longer current)
CSIA Ambassador Team Member since 1999
CSIA Interski Team Member (current)
Ski School Director
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Teaching 5 yrs.
Skied over 80 days the last 8 yrs.
SKied over 40 days this year--son was born.
Avid ski reader 360 days a year.
Avid Epic reader. MA threads.

In training. I will preface anything I am not 100% sure about. I am to the point where I can see some things---but not all. 50% of the time, I can get the proper action/reaction and skill improvment.
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Only LI 2000. Had to get a job that payed the bills. 26 years of skiing for the love of the game though.
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MA Qualifications

FIRST. I don't give MA on this site as there are a lot more people way more qualified etc. than myself. A few times I will answer some questions based on my training, education and experience for beginners etc.

PSIA Level I-5 years teaching, one year in Tahoe and 4 years in No.ldaho

Skiing 35 years
Raced 25 years, Sierra Leage, Masters, NASTAR, Police and Fire Races
Ran Racing-International Firefighters Winter Games, 6 day Event,Tahoe 23yrs
Coordinated/Raced Helped Establish, Austral-Asian Games in Australia 1998

I only have taught PSIA level, on a part time basis. This year I will not teach, may prepare for Level II test and may not. Will go into Canada and Montana and go skiing, putting Camper on truck and taking off.
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I'm coming to the US to teach, but also to learn; I want to improve my own performance on skis, and as an instructor.

BASI III qualification; hoping to train for your level II this season in Utah.
First skied in 1980; then again in 87/88; as much as possible since, and quit my "real" job to qualify as an instructor in 04/05.
Taught at Mt Buller in Australia in 05 until snapping my ACL. Now coming back and can't wait.
Looking forward to reading and learning ... don't anticipate much contributing, yet!
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FWIW I'm a PSIA Level II, instructor for 8 years, 43 years skiing... Yikes, I'm getting old!
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Interesting thread, I just read it today. The instructional posts I've found most valuable are often written by highly qualified instructors. Imagine that! So you will understand why my posts are often of little value:

44 years skiing (only a few days some years)
10 years teaching skiing, 3 full-time, Ski Liberty
1 year teaching snowboarding, Whitetail

All that experience and only:

L I Alpine
L I Nordic Downhill
L I Snowboard
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Just a little bit about myself

21 years skiing, out of 26 total.
8 Years Teaching (3 Part-Time Seasons, 8 Full-Time Seasons)
PSIA Level III Alpine (Passed in NW '04)
Going to get AASI Level II this season

I'm also a Scorpio, enjoy long walks on the beach, and candlelight dinners.

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- 16 years skiing
- Coming up to the end of my third winter instructing part-time (weekends only)
- 70 days instructing
- TSLV Anwaerter (APSI/PSIA Level 1 equivalent)
- Aiming to take time off the job that pays the mortgage and go for the APSI Level 2
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Didn't realize I hadn't posted this before.
Didn't MA ustabe called Error detection/correction??
PSIA Eastern - Associate Cert (L2) class of 1987
Four years full time instructor.
then ten years hiatus during which shaped skiis debued
the last six years full time/part time
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PSIA Level 3; skiing since '68; teaching since '84; technical editor of SKI Magazine for 20 years; former K2 product manager; occassional masters racer; regular contributor to Ski Area Management; and executive editor of Skiing Heritage Magazine (see http://skiinghistory.org). Currently teaching part time at Beaver Creek while in grad school in Boulder.
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Been skiing since 1977. (the year "Star Wars" came out) Been teaching since 1991. Became a Ski School Director in 2001.

PSIA Level III Alpine (RM Region)** Since 1997
Trainer Accredited (RM) Since 2005
Advanced Children's Educator (NRM)** Since 2003
DCE-IT, Clinician In Training (NRM) Since 2001

Once I ate an entire BoJo's Pizza with a friend in Denver, and then didn't move for over 3 days. (That's just under 7 lbs. of cheesy, deep-dish goodness, folks.)

**RM= Rocky Mountain
**NRM = Northern Rocky Mountain
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Let's see.....

PSIA associate......................Squaw Valley

Volunteer adaptive.................Winter Park

Nastar finalist.........................Vail 1985??

Ecole Ski Francaise..................Eqivalence.....taught at Serre Chevalier, France

UIAGM...................................Guide aspirant...lift-serviced guide certification, Tignes, France. Off-piste guiding in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland.

PSIA-E...................................Level 3, 2004

15 years full-time instruction, Stowe and Sugarbush, Vermont
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For me, Canuck (aka. Bryan):

CSIA Level III International Certification
CSIA Level I Course Conductor
CSCF Level II Certified Status
Alpine Canada Level II Official

Uhm... That's it, for now.

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Been Skiing forever!!..and love it.

Teaching since 1994

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PSIA-E associate 1979
CSIA Level II 1979
PSIA-E full cert 1980
NASTAR coordinator/pacesetter 80-82
Raced some Eastern Pugeot Pro Tour events 81-82
PSIA-W Examiner 1988
PSIA-W Demo Team member 1987-88
Mammoth Lakes, Village Racing League Champion 1989
National D Team finalist 1988 (choked)
Synergy Camps, Masters racing camp, NASTC, ESA,
boot balancing specialist

non current , but if PSIA ever offered amnesty I would join again!
I miss the good life!
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PSIA Alpine Level II
PSIA Adaptive Level II
Skiing for 43 years
Teaching part time for 17 years
Adaptive trainer at Waterville
If I cannot teach, I wanna die.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
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Just another mountain hack whos dumb as a brick and graceful as a bull in a china shop.
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L1 psia
4 years instucting (part time)
full time this year
Liberty Mt. Resort
15 years trying to get it right
going for L2 part 1 if we get any snow here
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Quick Qualifications...

This thread has been addressed in how to improve EPIC quality, so I thought I'd put my data in...

Started skiing late (18 Years old)
Non athlete

psia level 3 (around 1997),

All Mountain Ski Pros Certified by Eric DesLauriers (around 2000)

USSA, Level 1 Coach (when I coached a kids D team)

Taught 1 season in Austria, didn't test, but cliniced for something equivalent to our Associate at the time. (1992)

As a Tennis Instructor and Ski Instructor for 18 years, I enjoy the assessing the efficiencies of the body in motion.

I'm just a part timer now, 1 day a week in a ski school and a few clinics a year with All Mountain Ski Pros.
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I have to echo Martino's sentiments here. " Also, congratulations on gathering a most impressive knowledge base to your forum. Epic is a huge resource for those of us wanting to learn more." It really is a very impressive and clearly knowledgeable group of people.

Skier for 41 years
Taught for 7 (retired)
PSIA L2 Alpine (lapsed)
PSIA L3 Nordic Downhill (lapsed)
Age 61 (groan) but still gettin down the hill...
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PSIA-RM Level III (12 yrs ago) not current
Children's Accreditation
33 years skiing
Haven't taught skiing in 10 years.
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