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PSIA II, I am proud to have won it in Rocky Mountain Division.

I think I'm on my 9th season teaching but don't quote me on that.

Have given up dreams of going for Level III as I lost the use of my feet shortly after doing Level II, and I don't think I'll ever pass the skiing requirements sans lots o'ligaments.
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PSIA Rocky Mountain division.
Certification: Full Cert, Alpine.
Certified 20+ years.
Teaching 30 years full time, 28 at Snowmass.------Wigs
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Level II Adaptive Cert (2003)
Passed Level II Alpine Skiing (2003)
Working on Level II Alpine Teaching

I've been teaching adaptive for about 10 Years. During that time I've taught some alpine at our local feeder hill at night.

Ssssshhh, be very quiet. I've taken a clinic in how to teach PMTS. It has some very nice ideas for teaching direct to parallel which I've put to use.

I've learned that there is a lot more to learn.

I'm 53. I learned to ski in the late 60s then took 25 years off while in college and the Navy and came back to it in 1996.
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Been teaching for 17 years, IVSI exam, will complete my swedish exam next winter (has just started skiing after an menisc? menisq?.. operation this november, current swedish production class (DH stuff) speedski champion, will not defend the championship this year.
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EPSIA--cert. level 3----1964-Rudi Kuersteiner chief examiner

area-trainer--Seven Springs

EPSIA Lifetime award--good things happen if one lives long enough

Larry C
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Some Masters experience long ago
Spent time around moguls
Current interest is passing peculiar movement patterns and bad habits on to my children
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Qualifications ?

Pete Northern Idaho NW Div.

Level I - 5 yrs
Teaching PSIA 2yrs Tahoe, 3 yrs NW
Owner/Coordinator etc. 23yrs International Firefighter Winter Games at Tahoe resorts, 4 days of racing 5 day event
President 10yrs, Code 3 Ski Race Club Nothern Calif and Nev.
Racing Masters, Sierra League, Fire/Police Racing, NASTAR etc.
Level II - working on for March tests
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CSIA level 3
CSCF level 3
Snowboard level 1

Teaching and coaching for 20+ years, not currently employed with a ski school but keep my fingers in here and there.

Skiing for about 38years pretty full time the last 25 or so but currently cutting that back to 'a fair bit'.
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  • NSP-level 3 & ski / toboggon trainer (20 years), national juniors instructor, avalanche safety & rescue instructor, OEC instructor, Certified back country guide and SAR team member (retired)
  • PSIA-level 3 & past ski school trainer, current member of S3 of Aspen (which is my proudest accomplishment, see below for details)
  • USSA- level 2 coach, certified race official, race dad and ski tech
  • Mirage Video Productions-owner (Ski films, MA and ski school training videos)
  • USCF racer and juniors coach (retired)
  • Regional Distributions Manager (Aspen, Glenwood & Vail Sports Shops)
  • National Group Sales representative (Aspen/Snowmass)
Mentors and trainers:
  • Dave "Squatty" Schuller- S3 of Aspen trainer & ed staff, voted the Best Instructor in America 2004/5 (my primary mentor and trainer)
  • Rod Carnie- PSIA EXaminer, S3 of Aspen-trainer and my team leader
  • Karen Lyons- PSIA Examiner, S3 of Aspen-trainer, my training buddy and coach
  • Jim "Schancy" Schanzenbaker- PSIA Demo team, S3 of Aspen, head trainer
  • Kurt Ferenbach- PSIA Demo team, S3 of Aspen-trainer
  • Andy Dockens- PSIA Demo team, S3 of Aspen-trainer
  • Andrew Wilson- New Zealand Demo team coach- S3 of Aspen-trainer
  • Victor Gerdin- PSIA Demo team, S3 of Aspen-trainer, ed staff
  • Bruce Leiman-Loveland- head trainer and the guy who "stoled" me from patrol training
  • Chris Easton-PSIA Examiner SSD @ Eldora (retired), spirit guide and the best motivator I've ever met
Not to mention the rest of the 120 or so examiners, trainers, world cup level skiers and coaches from around the world that work here in Aspen. I'm sure I missed some of their accomplishments but several are coaching the ESA Academy. Which is why my handle here is Just Another Ski Pro. Around Aspen that is all I am.

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Skiing since 1951, seriously since 1968
USSCA since 1980 currently Level 400
PSIA since 1983 Level III since 1992
I've been fortunate to have many fine, young athletes go through my program. Often I feel I've learned more from them than they've learned from me.
I've also been fortunate to have mentors and friends like Dave Miller, Scott Wilson, Niel Atkinson, Ole Larson, Steve Myett, Arcmeister, and Aldo and Sarah Radamus.
Through Epic I've met (in person) Nobody, jyarddog and U.P.Racer.
Racing is something I came to with my son, now 43, so I didn't race as a kid and don't get a lot of oppertunities to do so. I've won a couple Masters races, after Arcmeister fell,(he's faster than me) and been second (when Arc won) in a couple. In 1998 I missed the podium in my age group (50s) at the NASTAR Nationals by .04.(the "third loser" according to my friend who won)(I don't have to race him again for a couple more years)
As a good friend says,(sarcasticly) "Ski racing been very, very good to me"
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Skiing since 1965
PSIA-RM LIII Alpine (1979)
Currently teaching only friends and family.
Still ski a little bit better today than yesterday, and always look forward to what I will learn tomorrow.
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CSCF Coach 2, CSIA Instructor 1
Skiing since 1989
Racing since 1994
Coaching since 2004

I currently coach on weekends and train with my university team two nights a week.
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CSIA level II
CSCF level I (race coaching)
PSIA level I
Plan to work towards PSIA level II next year and wait a few years for III.

My philosophy sits squarely in between the CSIA and PSIA approach as I think they both have merits and weaknesses. Frankly I think the race coaching folks are the only ones that really have it right. B-)
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I must have your share then Ghost!

I've been skiing since 1997 and my lesson count days per season in Oz would be
1997 -25to 30
1998 - 45 to 50
1999 - 50+
2000 - 70
2001 - 60+
2002 - 60+
2003 - 50+
2004 - 30ish
2005 - 8 (bad year)
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Interesting idea to ask for contributor skiing/teaching backgrounds so that readers get a better picture or where the comments are coming from. My experience has been that qualifications don't always make the comments more valid, sometimes laymen offer brilliant insights and sometimes the most decorated are stuck in lame dogma. As a fly on the wall, I am learning something from almost all voices so I hope this exposure doesn't intimidate anyone. Having said that, background adds useful perspective and it would be great if it was part of the "member profile" so that one could access the information quickly rather than searching this thread for a particular handle.
Also, congratulations on gathering a most impressive knowledge base to your forum. Epic is a huge resource for those of us wanting to learn more.

My background:
53 years skiing, 36 full-time teaching. 23 years with Canadian certification program, 12yr as Certification Course Director and head examiner, 10yr as director of training and education for examiner staff. Attended all Interskis from 1979 to 1999 as demonstrator, head coach or delegate. Currently skiing 50-100 days per year and doing some teaching. Certified Level 4, Level 2 coach.
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Retired and over the hill, so I'll just shut up and listen...

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PSIA-W (formerly PSIA-E) Level III
Current PSIA-W Examiner/Tech Team Member
Staff Trainer at Alpine Meadows
17 Years Teaching in Vermont and Tahoe

Nothing I'd rather be doing on any given day besides skiing.
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I suck at MA but want to learn

Alpine Level II
Telemark Level 1; anything not to snowboard
32 years of skiing in Europe and here
5 years of teaching (not counting my college years, so far away <crying>), coaching BW program
I still ski very French (or so I am told), though I am working on projecting a better PSIA image more of the time :-).
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No certifications; 23 years of skiing; degree in engineering; reading tons of books on skiing; advanced interest in biomechanics; taught at least 30 people to ski all the way from never-ever to double black runs each; still learning how to ski better. My MA posts subject to booing from pros, please.
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Originally Posted by ssh
But, for those who read his comments, you need to understand the cgeib is no "just". He's a student of the sport, a very accomplished skier, and a good communicator, as well. I would recommend strongly listening to what he says as you would to a level I or level II PSIA cert.
I will vouch for Cgeib's skiing abilities, having just skied with him at ESA! He was certainly one of, if not the strongest skier (noncoach) in the groups. Don't know how someone learns to ski that well living in Ohio? Nice guy too!

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in all seriousness....

what is "MA"?
I honestly thought this thread was about massachussets until i took a peek
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Originally Posted by vlad
what is "MA"?
I honestly thought this thread was about massachussets until i took a peek
Movement Analysis
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steveturner, movement analysis (MA) is the process of observing a human's movements and analyzing what he or she is doing and the results of those movements. For example, I might observe that a skier is moving their torso up the hill to get their skis started down the hill. I can then develop a progression to help them be more effective in getting their skis moving downhill at the beginning of the turn. MA is really a cause-and-effect analysis: I may see an effect and then look for the cause, or see a cause and look for the effect.
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Ain't much here. Shouldn't even post really. Level I, only. No slams against other I's at all. Teach at a very unique area, Cooper Spur at Mt. Hood. No paper work or report cards to fill out after the lessons. Very lucky I understand.

Skied with Slatz and learned much just skiing with him. Incredibly smooth and accomplished skier... especially when he has his Ferrari hat on... which is all the time. Take the hat away and he can't ski? Hmmm! I'll have to try that!

I might be ready to fail level II testing soon.

riding the chair I am always looking at skiers and trying to do MA. Also, important I think is to figure out what is cause and what is effect! Am I doing ok? I don't know, except when doing a lesson I see kids I taught just 2 days ago skiing past and yelling, "Hey teacher Bob, look at me!" That's my real paycheck.
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Level III cert since '85
Nationally certified USSCA coach (level 400)
Certifed Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS from National Strength & Conditioning Assn.)
Full Time ski team race coach

& born to rip
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From COLD New Hampshire

Bob Hatcher
PSIA Level 3
Staff Trainer at Waterville Valley (we do clinics each weekend morning from 8-9 before we get turned loose on the public)
Will be trying out for PSIA-E Ed Staff (DCL) position on March 15-16

Was fully certified in 1971 at the age of 20 and taught until 1980. Then I took an 18yr sabbatical when I returned to teaching in 1998. Went through full recert process in three years, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

USSA Masters Racer, 1990-1995. Missed qualifying for Nastar nationals by two tenths.

In addition to Waterville Valley, NH, I taught for two years in Vail.


(where it was six below yesterday with a 30-40 mph wind.) I need to go back to where it's warm... Colorado!
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Just an update

3 years of ski teaching at Hidden Valley, PA
Level 2 certified

BTW Bob say hi for me to cheryl, and how is she doing did she get through the L2 teaching yet? Tell her 2 members of the "A" team got through already.

"Just suck less" which I think is you moto
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
Level 2 certified
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Since I put some advice in a couple of threads today I'd better put my cards (dog-eared and grubby as they are) on the table:
APSI 1 (all lapsed)

And a Dip Ed (Primary)
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been skiing since 1959, took early new millennia off to keep business alive in winter. had lessons from 1st grade up through high school. good listener. love skiing and those that enjoy it also. not qualified to critique anyone, just admire their efforts to expose their faults to learn more about themselves
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