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Qualifications for the Movement Analysis threads

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Hi All,

It's a new season and I'm seeing a lot of new people here. Several that seem to know a lot about skiing and mechanics..

I'm interested what are your Qualifications? PSIA, PMTS, CSIA, ISIA, AASI and at what levels.

If you could post your handle and where you are in your own certification journey that would help us all understand where you are coming from.

If you are just a student learning about skiing you can post that as well. Some great questions coming up. There are some disagreements about techniques or teaching. That's OK. As long as it's good healthy dialog it will help us all.


Forgot, If you are currently teaching please do not post your location other than division. This is not the location to sell Private lessons.

PLEASE skip the small chatter and keep this thread nice and clean. THANKS
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I'm a PSIA level II cert (as of last spring). I am doing some (very limited!) work towards my level III. Currently an OHG guide (not actively teaching classes) at Copper. Only been studying PSIA materials since early season 03/04. Long-time student of the sport, tho.

PSIA Rocky Mountain division.
Certification: LII Alpine.
36 seasons skiing.
3 years of "teaching" (one teaching kids, two guiding)
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I'll kick it off.


PSIA Western Division.

Certification LII Alpine.

42 years skiing
5 seasons of teaching

I'll be taking the LIII this season (second attempt)

Steve is just too quick
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30+ Years of Skiing
PSIA Level II Alpine
ACE I (childrens certification)
10 Years teaching (5 years East Coast/5 years utah)
4 full time seasons with about 40-45 days of teaching in the P/T years
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Gary Dranow, USSA, MSRT

USSA Level 200, Intermountain Division
Founder of MSRT with Tommy Kirchhoff, Independent Race Camps
Former Level III USSA, Race Program Coach, 1978 - 1983, Far West, Snow Summit, Ca.
35 Years Skiing
30 Years Ski Racing
Associate Certified PSIA Instructor 1973, Far West
25 Years Race Coach
NASTAR National Champion 2005
USSA Master Racer Far West 1985 -1990
USSA Master Racer, IMD and Rocky Mountain 2001 - Current
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PSIA Eastern Division.
Alpine Level 2
Attempting Level 3 for the first time next month (Yikes!)
4 seasons of teaching, 3 seasons as a Special Olympics trainer

It's difficult to say how long I've been skiing, I skied some in high school only and then became an instructor after college.
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No instructional designation of any sort

Canadian Ski Patroller for 5 years, two years as Patrol Leader

Skiing for 20 years

No professional instruction of any sort, except 1 lesson 20 years ago and two this season with a Canadian instructor Level III & II

I would consider myself a Level 7 or 8 skier on the 1 - 10 scale. As of late I wonder if I am a 3
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Why do I feel like I've done this at least two or threee times already.

PSIA-E Level III cert (1995)
22 years of teaching skiing (started in '83)
Ski area trainer and hiring clinic leader
Skiing for 28 years

Snowboard instructor for about 4-5 years (haven't taught boarding in a few years)
Snowboard trainer and hiring clinic leader
Snowboarder for 17 years
Should have my AASI LII and was told I was closer to LIII than LII at an exam prep clinic in '96, but never took the exam

Clinic with PSIA National Alpine D-Team for a week every December at the Eastern Master's Academy

Took last year and this year off from teaching due to wanting to ski with my now 4 year old and my role at the Sleep Deprivation Clinic (triplets born 9/11/05). But I did lead a couple of instructor clinics at a local ski area last year just to "get my fix", and I'll probably get back to being on the payroll next season.

Slept at a Holiday Inn Express one time (my only TRUE qualification)
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Central Division LIII since 1974.

Teaching full-time since 1970.

Was a division clinician in the 1980s before they eliminated that post.
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PSIA-NW division
PSIA LII (preparing for LIII)
6 seasons teaching professionally
ACE accredited
30+seasons skied.
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PSIA Level III cert.
Alignment specialist since 2001
6 years Epicski
Skied 46 years
Not a pin collector.
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Age: 27
Year Skiing: 22
Cert Level: PSIA-E Level III
Accred: Eastern Freestyle/Freeride (beginer, intermediate and advanced)
Experience: 12th year teaching
11 years teaching at Nashoba Valley, in MA
Currently located in Steamboat Springs
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PSIA Eastern Division
Level III (2002) alpine
Full time instructor, staff trainer
Qualified for NASTAR Nationals in pro division 2005
Teaching sence 1978, skiing sence 1961
Currnetly seeking PSIA Educational Staff position

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License to MA?

Although I'm not averse to giving my credentials (and those that know me, know they're very minimal as a professional). But, does mean I'm going to need a license to comment on MA's?
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Alpine LII
Snowboard LI
Childrens Accredation
3 year plan to add Alpine III, Snowboard II and Freestyle
\The training and learning is more imortant then the pin
\\Should have gotten USSCA when I coached
\\\lurk more then I add
\\\\so many slashes it looks like Fark
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Originally Posted by lennyblake
Although I'm not averse to giving my credentials (and those that know me, know they're very minimal as a professional). But, does mean I'm going to need a license to comment on MA's?

All are welcome to comment on MA's

Sometimes people wonder if the info they are getting is from a valid source or just someone taking a stab at it.

For instance I would put more weight on an MA from Arcmeister or Weems than myself. I may be pretty good at it but some of these guys are way beyond me..
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PSIA Eastern Division
Level III (1998) alpine
Level I (2000) adaptive
Part time instructor,
Began teaching 1993, skiing in 1967
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Skiing since 1970
Started teaching in 1982
Level 3 (1988)
Ocassionaly interested in RM Trainers Accredidation
Part Time for 18 years
Full Time the past 7 years
Staff trainer at Copper Mountain
Class A PGA Golf Professional-(the two MA skills are very complementary)
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Level 1 just passed my Level 2 skiing taking teaching in a month.
3 years teaching at Hidden Valley, Pa
4th season of skiing, have been all over the east coast
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No Certs, just a skier
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White Mountain

Hi Dave: I'm a PSIA Alpine level III, Adaptive level III, and a former Examiner for Eastern's Adaptive Team. I was on the ed staff for six seasons, then my real job took over and a most important event took place. We had a granddaughter arrive, now skiing independently at the ripe old age of 5.

This season I'm just trying to get my rebuilt knee (ACL) skiing again, surgery last April. My goal: Teach my granddaughter to love skiing the way I always have and gain an appreciation for nature and the beautiful country we live in.

In addition I patrolled for four years, raced in college, have taught Adaptive skiers for the last 16 seasons pt and skied for the last 47 seasons.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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Level 1 SHOry (Finland) ISIA
43y of age
39y of skiing
10y of teaching
3 seasons full time
Now part time instructor
Expert on teaching kidds
Speak many languages
Wish more women would take lessons
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PSIA-RM L3 Alpine
PSIA-RM L1 Adaptive
CSIA L3 foreign equivalent
12 years volunteer at NSCD in Winter Park, Colorado
6 years adult ski school, Winter Park

Age: somewhere past 50 (getting old sucks, but it's better than the alternative!)

Now skiing at Whitewater near Nelson, British Columbia, where I am investigating bumps formed by rocks, rather than by the relatively few skiers, and refining my skills in the rather heavy powder that often falls around here. I am on hiatus from teaching. I now take my beacon with me to the ski hill; you never know when you'll get invited to ski somewhere really interesting!

Fundamental beliefs:
I have a lot to learn!
Skiing is for fun.
More skill means more fun.
Balance is everything.

Go play!
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Currently inactive, but in touch with PSIA to restore my certification.

46 years skiing
L III- 1976
Former Ski School Director/Supervisor/Trainer
19 years teaching (4 were part time)
Part time Freestyle and Race coach
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Originally Posted by cgeib
No Certs, just a skier
But, for those who read his comments, you need to understand the cgeib is no "just". He's a student of the sport, a very accomplished skier, and a good communicator, as well. I would recommend strongly listening to what he says as you would to a level I or level II PSIA cert.
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PSIA Level II (1995), Working on Level III
AASI Level II (2000)
Staff trainer
Work with computerized video analysis software (V1 and NEAT). Have a fair sized database of video clips.
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I am completely unqualified. I raced in college. Since then I have become a fairly knowledable technician with the help of many coaches from EpicSki. I do have aspirations to coach eventually, but not until I settle down somewhere and find a program that I want to work with.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
I am completely unqualified. I know a little bit about skiing from having racing experience, but not nearly the skill in movement analysis that a lot of the talented instructors of epic have. I have aspirations/plans to coach eventually, but not until I settle down somewhere and find a program that I want to work with.
Take that, multiply it by .1, and that is the total of my qualification for MA .
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MA is my life...

Eastern Division

AASI III (2000)
USASA III instructor
USASA III Coach/Trainer
Competative 24 hr endurance cyclist

Friend of Rusty.....
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PSIA-E level III ('97)
Intermountain Accredited Trainer
Staff Trainer

and not always correct!
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