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Where to stay in Alta/Snowbird

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This is my first trip to Alta/Snowbird and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on where to stay. I will be there for the week of Presidents day.

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At Alta the Rustler looks like a great spot.

At Snowbird the Cliffs looks first class.

We had a condo in Park City and just did the trunk slamming day trip thing.
It took about an hour to get there from PC.
( Same time from PC to Solitude also)

Much cheaper to stay in PC than slopeside at Alta/Bird, but not as convenient.
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I have spoken with a number of folks who have enjoyed Goldminers Daughter Lodge. And it is located right at the new Collins quad lift. I will be heading there on January 22nd for the first time, so, I can't really give you specific info until the end of the month.

I do know that Rustler's is more expensive than Goldminers.

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you have 3 choices
#1 - $$$ stay up in the canyon at either snowbird or alta loding, convenient. limited dining and no real nightlife or ski town ambience
#2 - $ stay down in Sandy, (20min's or SLC 30mins) - Lots of cheap places, better to hit PCMResorts or Snowbasin, cheap varied eats, city/suburb atmospyhere, also you will sleep better down lower
#3 - Park City - nice ski town atmosphere, shopping and strolling at night 3 good resorts right there. an hr to snowbird/alta(some might say less but give it an hour-worth the drive). more $$ than sandy/slc.

I've done all 3, but we just are in the habit of staying at La Quinta in Sandy, lots of restaraunts close, $65/nt for room with nice ski breakfast. about 25 min's to snowbird/atla.
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I stayed at the Goldminer's Daughter almost 28 years ago. It was clean, nice, and friendly. But....there was nothing to do after skiing. Granted, I go to Utah to ski, but we always try to hit a basketball game downtown or do something else 1 or 2 nights. I agree with the other folks. Stay in Sandy unless all you want to do is ski. Walking through the Snowbird complex gets old after about 17 minutes...and that's the best entertainment you're going to find up in LCC.
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Stay in Sandy.... but 1) rent a 4WD or you may not be allowed up the canyon 2) you may be not allowed up the canyon in any case if there is a big storm. Otherwise it is very economical, though prosaic.
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Lodging is limited at the top of the Canyon, if you plan to ski Alta and want ski in ski out you are pretty much looking at the lodges with your meals included at $ 150 plus a day and this does not include a lift ticket. I really like the Peruvian but Goldminers is good too. If you are thinking the week of Feb. 20 I would act quickly since the total number of rooms is limited and the lodges tend to fill up for MLK and President's week

If you want to cook, then there are some condos and houses located between Alta and Snowbird. Many of these are larger so renting one of these may only make sense if you have a big party. There are also several lodges and inns at Snowbird.

All of the lodging at the top of the Canyon is pretty expensive, so if you are looking for reasonable then as others have mentioned check out Sandy.

I also like staying downtown, its only about 40 minutes to Little Cottonwood with a car and you are much closer to Park City and Snowbasin if you want to do these for the day. It's also fairly easy to take UTA from most of the downtown hotels. The ski bus and/trains will get you there without having to rent a vehicle with chains or 4WD unless the whole canyon is in avalanche lockdown, which happens but is seldom.
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