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Atomic Metron m5 or M:EX

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I'm 5 foot 10, 225 and am 34 years old. Linebacker build. I'm an all mountain skiier with a preference for days mixed between bumps and the bowls. As an aging bump skiier, I now love skiing the trees and cranking short radius turns through them--almost as much as the bumps. I ski 20 days a year, mixed beteen aspen/snowmass and places like Park City and vail. 30 years of skiiig, some reacing when younger.

I have a set of 2 year old Rossi B1s for goofing off in the bumps and groomers. I'm looking for an all mountian expert/ freedride ski when going for a full day of the more aggressive stuff.

I tried the Sugar Daddy's a year ago, as well as the Volki. I've been reading alot about the B5 and MEX plus ti.

Which would be better suited for me?

The MEX is said to have more surface area--does it realy make that much of a diference in the powder? Is the B5 nearly as good in the deep stuf?

Which size would be best for me?

As a new member here, I want to say thanks. I've been lurking and this is great place to get info.
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sarasotasnow, Welcome to EpicSki!

The M:ex prefers a much longer turn radius, IMO, and is well-suited to soft snow and off-piste. The B5 is certainly much tighter, and tends towards rockin' short-radius turns on groomers (although I can stretch them out at high speeds without any noticable flapping).

The real key to off-piste performance of the M:ex is the wider waist, I think. It makes it less perturbable in weird snow (cut up windslab, most notably). Compared to the B5 in those conditions, it will be more stable, able to blast through anything without a wandering spirit.

So, you really need to ask yourself what your preference is: a ski that can handle any snow conditions, but will motor along most comfortably in medium- to long-radius turns or a ski that rips tight turns on groomers, handles most conditions exceptionally well, but may get tossed a bit more when conditions get really challenging?
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Oh... at 225, I'd probably put you on the longer skis. The B5 in a 172 (and that will be more stable in those weird conditions than my 162s).
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thanks! i tend to like short radius turns. I'll demo the b5 at 172 next week at Snowmass and report back
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Do! Are you comfortable with modern technique on shaped skis? You might consider a PM to Weems and/or Wigs and/or Justanotherskipro before you head out and see about getting some coaching while you're there (they teach at Aspen). The coaching, IMO, is essential, especially for the Atomics. If you don't get it, you may still like the skis, but you will not be able to get out of them all that's there.
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anyone know of a good coach for modern technique on metrons at big sky?
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