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hey everybody,

great forum, great advices. i am from austria and i mostly ski in the alps. so sorry if my english is not that good. i used to play professional ice hockey, i am 30, 6'2 and weight about 215-220.

i read the article about overpowering a ski and i was wondering, if this happens to me too.

when i ski on my head xrc 1100 sw in 177, (great ski - but i must also say, you have to have good technice to ski it well) and the slope is very hard or icey, it is absolutly fun to ski. i can carve without sliding. but when the slopes are not so hard, or even if there is some snow or the slope is not really flat, it is really hard to carve. the ski or the tail of the ski skids. sometimes i think the snow doesnt hold my weight. so i thought maybe my technice is not that good, as a friend of mine usually never skids (he weights about 145 and skis the same ski in 170) maybe i want to turn in shorter radius?

so i tried different things and now, when i carve, i try not to put so much pressure on the ski. additionaly i am more over my skiis and not leaning to much into the curve. it is not that much fun, because you kind of have to ski very carefully, but it helped a lot.
does anyone know any other tips or trick, which may help?

when i ski on my b2, or i also tried the nordica hot rod top fuel, which is much wider than the head, i dont have any problems, when the slope is not racelike.

thanks for any comments.

ciao, alex
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The 1100 SW is a bit soft. Tried them in all different lengths at a ski test 2y ago (model 2005) and they were all a bit soft. Great ski though. Since they are racing skis they are a bit too narrow at the waist for softer snow. I dont know wich binding you have on them, probably the FF14, and they are a bit low. Try the LT12Cyber, it has an additional 10mm lift. Prevents boot out. Im about the same size as you are and my boot is much wider than racers use.
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