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Seems like everybody's expanding their quiver of skis because, I guess, they think every particular situation requires the correct instrument. Umm... makes sense.

By the same reasoning, I suppose it's not a bad idea to have a mistress... or a few... you know, one for stimulating conversations; one for going out with to enjoy outdoor activitys; one to stay in to enjoy indoor activitys; one to keep you in line; and one to bring home the bacon. I mean, this idea of just having ONE wife (or husband) seems to be so full of compromises, I just can't think but that it's the biggest practical joke of all times.

...of course, it occurs to me that concentrating on just one person can allow you to learn extremely fine nuances and traits that would otherwise go unnoticed in an assortment of relationships.

Hmmm....... Naaah, what would the fun be in that?
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Well, Cheap, do you know where I can find an end of season sale on mistresses? Can I get one with bindings (high DIN setting at that since I'm an aggressive level 3 [img]smile.gif[/img] )?

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Put me down for one mistress please!

Actually, here is why I have multiple pairs of skis as I explain it to my father when he questions my ski closet:

You don't golf with one club do you? Sure you could get the ball on the green with one club and eventually get the ball in the hole, but isn't it more fun/easier with the right equipment? Did you really need that new club?

He has sence stopped questioning my quiver of skis.
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Which mistress would you recommend for off-season indoor recreation? I'm thinking of a mid-fat.

(Honey, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding!)
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Im thinking a nice one that has a broad tip, narrow waist, and medium sized tail.... that likes to go very fast, and can handle many different stances and still perform very well. Do you think im asking too much?? Hey im a bored college guy, give me a break.
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Kevin, can recommend aggressively shaped ... which reminds me it's only 5 weeks before I go to South America again whooo hooo!
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Check for mistresses on She-Bay (or He-Bay for LM and others).
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Now you have yer ice skis
and ya' have yer snow skis
and ya' have yer powder skis.

Many more and ya' may not have yer wife!

I keep all mine to one brand and just say I have volkls. Singular or plural, who can tell?

What I wonder is what the gals tell their guys when they go out and get "more equipment"?

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Originally posted by Cheap seats:

...of course, it occurs to me that concentrating on just one person can allow you to learn extremely fine nuances and traits that would otherwise go unnoticed in an assortment of relationships.
By sticking with one ski and learning to use it in all different conditions, you can really learn to master the ski and ski it well. On the other hand, using different skis for different conditions really develops your discerning taste for what you expect from a ski.
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On one hand you have the challenge of making one ski work in all conditions. On the you have to quickly get used to the feel of a new ski. I, because I love a deal have four pairs of skis though for four have spent less than most pay for one pair. Before any are retired hope to get 30-40 days on each them or there are no more edges left. Its kinda of nice to look at the end of the day at a narly coreshot and think " no rush to fix and the dam thinks only cost me insert $99/$150/$200/$130 ( all in Can$) for these El Caminos/ X-14/ Super CrossTis / Fischer Mount Xs." Oh look I've bent my edge! Oh well where did i put that epoxy. Current plan is to ski the craap out of the X-14 next year early season rocks and then switch bindings to a pair of Dynastar Speed SFs that I picked up for $150can. Will sell X-14s for $30. Only half the edge left and about 10 ( so far) repaired coreshorts.
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