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hey all

travelling to good old whistler in early feb and came upon a giant hiccup today.

i called whistler to buy my season pass with add-ons, but was told that because i am 18, below the age of majority in BC, that I will be unable to. why not??? its not like i'm a little kid and will pester the adults (their rationale) and i'm even willing to pay for an adult season lift pass in order to get the one and only "adult" supergroup pass.

you see, i'm interested in dramatically improving my skiing so i can do some csia exams (1 & 2) and dreaming of 3. unfortuanately there are no such programs (season lesson passes) for young adults under the age of 19. i was just wondering if you could find out or knew why this was and if there was any way around it for me to get a supergroup pass or something like it with a low instructor to student ratio. by the way, does anyone know dave kurshaw??

thanks heaps