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Can you identify this wax?

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My girlfriend bought me some Swix wax but the wax does not contain any labels or information.
The only data inscription on the side is:

A0001-9 131993

The color of the wax is light purple; it looks like it was a bulk buy. I weighed it on my scale and it weighs 190grams.

I will try to post a picture tomorrow if no one is able to identify the wax.
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Sounds like CH7 to me.
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Most likely CH7 or LF7. The latter is lighter colored. Possibly HF7 but doubful; a 180g brick of HF7 is about $200 and pretty difficult to find.

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Here are 3 pictures, maybe it will help!
Thanks again.
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Pic 2
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Pic 3
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It looks like CH7 or All-Purpose Warm. Judging from the foam-like bubbles on the top I would guess that it is the All-Purpose warm. I have 900g of All-Pupose Cold (greenish blue color) and it works quite well. It is pretty much a CH6 or CH7 temp wax. I would guess that yours is about a CH8. I do find that it does not moisutize the base as much as a base prep or CH wax will though - it still does a pretty good job though. It is fine for any applications other than race skis. For my race skis I use only CH or LF.
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It is the universal warm. I use it almost all the time out west.
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I looked at some tray numbers and A0001 appears to mean that it's universal warm from a bulk pack. A0002 is universal cold from a similar package. CH0006 is CH6 and so on.

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Cool thanks for all of the responses!
I guess it was a good buy for $6.95 :
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Yeah, 180g of wax will last a normal person for the season. Good buy. If you want more you can buy it at most websites that sell bulk Swix Wax. I think it is $30 or $40 for 900g - which lasts quite a while.
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