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Mammoth Locals and Fans...give me the info!

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Hello All and Happy Holidays to 'ya!

Heading out to Mammoth, CA last week in March with my local ski club. I'm really getting psyched for this trip...have never skied there before. I have read what I can on brochures and web sites, but I want it from the "skier's" mouth: What is Mammoth like as far as conditions and terrain? Where are the best areas for wide-open, full-throttle cruising? What are lift lines like during the week and how to avoid them? Where do you go at night for the best burger? Where to go for the best pint?

Thanks for any info!

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Out of bounds - I realize you can see I live in Idaho but have skied Mammoth for over 25 yrs. So to answer some questions. Late March will be a great time to go. Have some 50 sunscreen. When you look at your trailmap: Cruising Chair 3 or 5 off the back and down the valley all the way back to the main lodge., real cruiser and long ways. As you look up at Scottys go over the back side and theres some good fast cruisers. A favorite of mine is up to the top on the Gondola, as you're looking S. off the backside you can see Yosemites half dome, go left down Dave's run and then hyou can go all the way to the town of mammoth lakes, I forget the lifts name but its there, also a cafe type restaurant with pretty good food. Mammoth is a bit unusual in that almost the entire lower mountain in predominantely good cruisers, wide, well groomed and the top of the mt is almost all expert and can be fast or bumped up. Watch the weather as the quality of the snow on top especially will be dictated by levels of freeze and thaw. However it can also snow in March. Some of the biggest dumps I've seen in Calif were in March. As you look at your trailmap almost any run from the Main Lodge area over to the Canyon lodge are cruisers. Easy to avoid lift lines, give yourself half a day there and you'll see where the crowds are. Whiskey Creek is about the most active place after hours. The best burgers are at "Burgers" (I kid you not).As you drive from town up to the mt. you will pass it on your right. Decent prices, good BBQ salads and great fries. Mex food Robertos. Also a good bar located in the lodge across from the Main Lodge. I'm sorry I don't have a trail map in front of me but I'm sure some locals will fill in for me with better details. Mammoth is a really vast ski area and believe me you won't get bored. Some tips (I don't know about your skiing level other than you like cruisers) but i.e., Daves run pretty hairy so if too steep a cornice for you just keep going straight out to the end and you can come off on an upper intermediate route instead. Off ch23, go right down the ridge and ski Scottys run more advanced than expert. When you look up mt. left of ch23 is Climax, they groom it can be fun. Don't for back side over the hill from Scottys-usually few people (howeverif its thaw freeze at night=I don't recommend in AM as can be pretty hard). Hope this helps a little I'm sure some locals will post soon. Have a great time.
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That was definitely some great info that Pete gave. You can also find out everything you need to know about Mammoth here:

Mammoth Mountain Forum Boards
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My Inside Tracks Resort Guide: http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/mmthguid.htm .

Several lifts have been converted to high speed since I wrote the article, so lift lines over 5 minutes are infrequent if everything is open. The longest lift lines occur in severe weather when the upper and outlying lifts are closed, as I saw this past Sunday and Tuesday.
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Hey all...

...thanks so much for the replies and info!!

Now I really cannot wait to get out there, especially with all the news about the dumping going on out there...NICE!

Again, Mucho Gracias!

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