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Originally Posted by montana mags
exactly mom! Too many rock gardens! But with 107" settled and dumping all day, no rock gardens here! You're welcome any time, I can work around your unfortunate perspective on new mexico... (and it did take two full sides of a bruce cockburn tape to go from the sf ski area into town,maybe only an hour...)
No question i'd rather be where you are this year! The newspaper yesterday said it is officially the driest winter in 111 years!:

Was feeling guilty about leaving the spouse in his bed of pain for too long, so i just went up to SF mountain to 'work' on my groomer ski technique. Although the snow was miraculously good considering (nothing showing on the runs that were open), I have to admit i' bored myself off the mountain within three hours.
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Well you are welcome up here any time! And ski sante fe is pretty. some years it's the reverse and you guys get dumped. As I remember last year was good down south (never can remember the el nino la nina cycle and what they mean!)
hope the spouse is back at it soon
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