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Ski Tuning Bench!!! Awsome Plans!!!!!

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im stoked about these plans..i have been trying to find a way to be able to make a bench that would allow me to both wax and do the edges. I think this will work AMAZING. Here is a pic of the plans, i know its kind of crappy but i think you will get the idea. Masically you have 2 attachments, and 2 of each atachment, one for front and oen for back. One is flat for waxing, the other is a 90 degree angle, for edges. Where the "X's" are you use a C-clamp to hold the attachment to the bench top. To switch, you loosten the C-Clamp, and put the other attachment on. The 90 degree angle will be used with one of those "quik grip" rubberized hang clamps, this will clamp the ski securly to the wood, and allow for edge working. Of course, all the wood will be covered with no skid carpet stuff that my mom uses in the house. All the lumber is found in my dads garage, all i have to buy are a couple clamps and the hard ware. Im hoping to do this all under $30 which i think is very possible. Let me knwo what you all think and i will keep posting BETTER pics(not from my phone camera) as i work on this.

HERE you all go....
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Yeah, better pictures will help!
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Thanks for sharing, but some suggestions to make this useful and more helpful. Try more detail on the drawings, include a list of materials used to make it (you mentioned carpet covering some of the bench) and a good quality scanned image instead of the photo of the page (take it to a friends house if you do not own a scanner or fax machine).
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Get a better picture of the design up. I may be able to help you perfect the setup based off my tuning setups (without purchasing equipment - I assume you have saws to cut wood?). (two workmates, 2 - 5 or 6 foot 2x6, 2 ski vice (1 ski man, 1 swix), a few c-clamps, and a carpet for catching debris.)
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i have some stuff...i actually worked for a woodworking shop over christmas break last year..i called them up and they are leting my build it there. It is going to cost me 7/hr shop labor and they will help me build it...and the best part is i get all the scrap wood i want...FREE!!!! I will make the top "butcher block" style glueing 2x4's ~5 or ~16" wide...then run it through a lathe and a belt sander....it will be very nice....I am trying to make some better drawings on a CAD program..should have them posted b4 i leave work tonight which is 8:00 ct.
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i officially suck at CAD programs. Im going to use photoshop now...will be up shortly...
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here...i suck on computer apparently now....so i re drew and scanned it....what do you all think?
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Greg, do you have plans for your setup that you can post? Sounds interesting.
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Gonna "run that through the lathe", eh? Let me know how that turns out.
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I'm gettin getting a little tired of using my left hand as a vise too, but tell me what's wrong with the 5/8" plywood boot sole cut-out on the end of a two-by-four stuck into your workmate or ordinary workbench vise?
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I need to load a picture of my ski vice for you. That thing you are planning looks a bit much for a vice/bench. Mine is a foot long, 6" high, uses an adjustable "boot sole" as the clamp, and has adjustable tip and tail supports. It costs about $1 in screws and bolts and uses 4 pieces of scrap 2x4s, each about 10" long. It does, however, requite the use of a router, but seeing that you worked in a wood shop, I don't think it'd be an issue for you.
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yea so im retarded..i meant planer.....and the workmate is cool but im 20, almost 21 and dont have a workmate or anything! I have a desk with my laptop...a bed, at TV and a nightstand in my room. My dads got a workbench but i dont want to go home everytime to do my skis. This shouldnt cost me much more than 50-75...which from my viewpoint will be good b/c its half the price of a nice vice, something that i have no where to clamp as well.

Also, i have ~10 friends who are going to be enlisting my services, and i dont want to have to cut out a million different cutouts for the different boot sizes they all have. Plus, i cant do their snowboards with the boot cutout idea.

These planse allow me to do anything..the risers are adjustable if need for different lengths and i can to snowboards as well. Ill use velcro ir a string to keep the brakes out of the way.

Also, please post you pics of you benches, homemade or not...lets see what you have going..im also looking to refine my design before i build it next tuesday....and i think it would be intresting to see the setups you all have, how you get those planks to run so fast down the hill!
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Originally Posted by nilaszewski
yea so im retarded..i meant planer.....!
I knew what you meant..... just havin' fun!
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yea its cool...you from michigani take it? Been to Bohimea yet? Hows the snow, it sucks down here in wisconsin.

BACK TO THE PLANS...JOHNH, please post your plans! I really want to see them!
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I haven't been to Bohemia, but Marquette Mountain is in great shape.
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Tuning bench

Here you go Nilaszewski,

It looks like I can only have one picture per post, so there's 3 posts.
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Other side

Here's the other side

Notice the way the boot-sole vice is cut and slotted to be able to adjust for different sized boots. Only the heel side is screwed to the other 2x4s. The toe side floats so that it can be adjusted. Also notice the piece of 1x1 that is mounted along the edge of the bottom, so that when you clamp it to a table or bench, and you are working on your side edges, the whole thing won't twist out on you. I added the aluminum strip along the heel so that the bindings wouldn't dig into the wood, but that's completely optional.

To cut the slots for the bolts in this piece, first drill the ends all the way through both pieces, then take them apart and use a jig saw to open the slot on the toe piece between the holes.

When you cut the boot-sole down the length, make the cut as straight as possible, because as you adjust it for length, you want a good fit of the two pieces, no matter how open or closed you have it.

I would make it adjustable, even if it's just for you, because you may want to tune other people's skis or you may get new boots that have a different sole length. Mine is adjustable to fit my boots (size 10 1/2), and my wife's boots, (size 7), and it can go even further.
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Tip and tail supports

If you wanted to turn this into a tuning bench, just mount the boot-sole vice onto a 5' 2x4, with tip and tail supports at the ends. Obvioulsy, you could permanently mount it by screwing or bolting it to the 2x4 or just use clams so that you can take it apart. What I like about this whole rig, is that it's easy to take with me on road trips and I can mount it to a dining room table in a condo.
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that looks realy cool, but how do you do your edges? Am i missing something? Cant i just use a rubber band to keep the brakes out of the way?
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Originally Posted by nilaszewski
that looks realy cool, but how do you do your edges? Am i missing something? Cant i just use a rubber band to keep the brakes out of the way?
When you clamp this thing to a bench or table, you can go crazy on your side edges all you want. The fact that it works like a boot sole will retract the brakes. With this type of setup you don't need to have the ski set up so that you are pushing down (vertically). If it's held in place properly, you can work the base or either edge without having to move or adjust the ski. I keep a couple of small quick clamps in my tool box for clamping it to whatever surface I have available (in one condo, it was a deck railing).

With your design, where you do nothing but support the tip and tail, even scraping the wax will make the ski move. Plus, like you said, doing the side edges means you have to move the ski around so that you are pushing down instead of sideways. If you plan on doing some serious sidewall filing (when I get new skis, I put a 2.5 deg sidewall bevel on them, and you need to push on the fileguide quite a bit to take the sidewall and edge down.), you will need to clamp the ski in place, because the ski will want to move on you. Because the ski doesn't move in the vice, it's easier to be much mor precise when working on the skis.

Also, as you can see, the whole setup is very small and lightweight, meaning it's very portable.
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i like this setup...im going to see if i cant integrate that into my design...maybe add it to the bench...i go tomarrow morning @6:00 am to start construction...at $7an hour i need to be efficient...but i really do like that idea. Who knows what im going to end up making! Ill keep you posted!
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so im using your design, it looks very functional...i am using it on the bench i designed however. So heres something cool...if i had some extra "adjustable boots" made up with the CNC machine that i will be using tomarrow, would people want to buy them? I wont mark them up except for shipping costs. Im guessing they will be under $20 shipped to anywhere in the USA and It will be the front and back piece with perfect grooves/slots and will be made of pine.

I could start taking orders and the owner of the shop said he will help me make a program on the CNC machine tomarrow for it, and the tip and tail supports if i want.

Is there a demand for these...because it seems like people like the design, its just to hard to make.


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Take a picture and post it. I want to see how nice it comes out when it's cut with a CNC machine.

Also, if you are going to mount it to a bench, here are some things to consider:

You'll need the tip and tail supports to be adjustable, because different ski and binding thicknesses and ramp (delta) angles will affect the height of the tip and tail off the bench.

You'll need to make sure the front of the ski can be lowered enough to get it in the boot-sole vice. You might end up with a situation where you try to put the ski in the vice, but you can't get it in because you need to point ths ski tip down, but the bench gets in the way. Not permanently mounting the vice onto the bench would solve this issue. If it's just clamped on, you can release the clamps to lock the ski in or take it out of the vice.
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yea i found that ou tthe hard way already! You will see when i post the pics....i did a little different design. I used a router and put a long 5 foot groove in the bench top...and my pieces move anywhere they want. Im on my way out the door to a concert now..ill post pics when i get home.

I ended up making the boot sole from maple b/c its just abou tthe hardest wood there is! The pine i tried first was denting like crazy just testing it out. Might still add you al. strip tho. Pics @ 12:00am Central.
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Next project?

Boot sole dummy that works for 3pin AND cable.
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here are the pics....


for the pictures

I went with this design...it would still work for any setup...you would eithe rneed to make a groove in you bench or else get a 2x4 and cut a groove in that then clamp the 2x4 to you work area. The boot sole is made of maple as it is harder that pine and wont wear out as fast.

One thing i really like that serves 2 purposes is the square hole in my bench top, it gives room for the binding when it is snapped in, it is also perfect for when i scrape the wax off my skis...i will put a paint can on the shelf below and ust brush the wax into the paint can...easy cleanup!

The carriage bolts will all have wing nuts i just need to buy them.

The tail and tip supports are adjustable up and down and sideways so they work for any ski.

The nice thing about this is i can emove the ski stuff for a full work bench...if you need ski work...add the pieces. It works left or right handed...would have to cut another square hole. It works for any ski, and length. You can move the ski to any position, and then the tail and tip supports to any spot.

There are 2 quirks that i have found so far, one i have beaten tho.

1) Its hard to get the front binding on because of the angle....i just push a little to flex the ski and it slides on, as long as the tip support is out in front of the ski and out of the way.

2) Its a B^%ch to get the ski off! My Salomon 914 TI bindings are really tight or spring loaded and i have a heck of a time getting the binging to release from the sole pieces. It is no problem with my brothers Marker M900 bindings but i plan to work up some type of lever maybe to puch down that will pop the binding back down to release the ski. For now, i just loosen the bolts to the rear sole piece and slide it foward and the ski pops out.

What do you all think?
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Originally Posted by nilaszewski
What do you all think?
I think that's a beautiful tuning bench with a great integral boot-sole support that turned out to be utterly different from the highly adaptable accessory it had previously looked like you were working toward.

What happened to that R&D track? That item would have been useful to bunches of people. This one...not so much.

It's really great though.
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I have the boot part made now...if the owner makes thew CNC program...i can change the configuration of the other part....to slide sideways. I will talk to him next week b/c they are closed fri, sat, sun. See if he wants to make one sideways.How are the tail and tip supports?
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I thought you were going for a CNC machined, maple version (with wingnuts) of JohnH's boot thing.... I misunderstood.
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i was..but it changed and changed.....it is still made from maple...and the owner didnt want to program the CNC for one piece....he said he would do it if i had an order for him. Im goin gto have him make a sideways one like johnH....see if people are intrested in that..its just hard to make it open from ~9 inches to ~15 inches which is what would be needed for all boot sizes.
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