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Small Feet Question

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First time post here and don't know much about ski equipments, so please forgive my ignorance that may follow ,okay onto my question...

I'm looking to buy ski boots but I have a small feet. I wear size 4 shoes so it seems that I'll have to get junior boots but I heard the flex on regular junior boots is bad (?). Does that mean I have to get junior race boots? Any recommendations? And how does higher flex benefit you?

Also, any recommended boot fitter around south bay area? I looked at the recommended list on the FAQ and they seem to be pretty far away from here...


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Hi SF, and welcome to Epic,

Most major ski boot makers offer a 22.5 Mondo size in an adult female boot. This is the equivalent of a 4.5 men's size. Have you tried any boots this size? Is this still to large?

This tread might help; please review http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=33562


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