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lake tahoe - first timer...

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hello everyone... i'm new here and new to skiing..

my husband and i are trying to plan an INEXPENSIVE trip to tahoe the last week of january (mon-fri).

any ideas on where to stay? where to ski? where to rent from, etc?

we have never been skiing and don't know where to get started..


(this is what i have found online so far...

$34.19 per night at the rodeway inn, south lake tahoe (4 nights) = $150 or so (with tax)
$85.00 car rental
$115 (i think i added this right.. sierra at tahoe, $75 all day includes lesson, lift tickets and rentals plus $40 buys an additional day of same)
$465 total for both of us...

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Well if I may make a couple of suggestions ...
You're new to skiing so you're going to fall a lot. You're going to get tired. You're going to use muscles you've never used before and stretch some beyond what they're used to. The result of all this is that you may not be able to ski all-day, every-day. So you'll want something else to do.

Hence I suggest you consider staying in Reno where the accomodation is even cheaper, especially mid-week. You'll be able to choose your ski days depending on the weather as well as your physical condition.

South Shore limits you to skiing Heavenly and Sierra at Tahoe. As a beginner Heavenly is probably a waste of your funds and Sierra at Tahoe is an interesting drive over a pass. You're right to consider a first-timer deal but only for the first day. I suggest you might want to consider a North Shore resort or two especially if you decide to stay in Reno. Northstar is great for beginners but expensive. Mount Rose is very close to Reno and has some good beginner terrain away from the crowds (you won't find crowds mid-week anyway). You might want to consider cheaper resorts like Soda Springs or Boreal (right on I-80) to start out 'cause you'll be studying the snow more than skiing it.

Check out www.slidingonthecheap.com for some deals.
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Boreal has a funky lodge next door and beginner pkgs. I did that rought 3 seasons ago and it was good and not too expensive. http://www.rideboreal.com/winter/index.html
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I'd second the recommendation for Reno and Northstar but I'd stay far away from Northstar on weekends when the beginner and intermediate areas are ridiculously crowded. Squaw can be an intimidating mountain (large) for beginners but it has some underrated beginner terrain.
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You can always try the Inn at truckee

They have a "name your rate" and if you don't mind stairs you can make the climb to the third floor...

Also Sugar Bowl has a learn to ski (first turns) program that includes lifts, equipment and 2 hour lesson for 85.00 per adult.

If you decide to return for a second, third or fourth day and you bring the ticket from the previous trip the price goes to 65.00 per person per day. You will also be put into the class that best fits your needs. (20.00 off for being a returning customer) Note that the ticket is limited to the beginners lifts and if you decide you want to have access to the rest of the mountain you can upgrade your ticket when you are ready.
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well, truckeelocal and i are going to disagree; as i would say to stay at south shore for these reasons:
i prefer south lake over reno for the full tahoe lake/mountain experience(reno is more casino+dessert), you could also try roomsintahoe.com for $32 day but i would suggest travellodge as best location+price+quality, you could also sign up for a peaks membership on snow.com and may be able to get some discounts on lessons, tickets, etc. at heavenly. heavenly doesnt have a lot of beginner stuff but there are a lot of easy blues IMHO. seriously, rivas grill at sunset, harrahs buffet on the top floor and harveys 19 floor restaurant at sunset are worth the 15 bucks a day that i could save by staying cheap in reno.
then, when your legs are tired at noon, you can drive up to the north shore to sightsee and i would suggest to try and ski one day at squaw or alpine meadows so you get a good feel for north + south shore mountains.
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hmmm, looks like youre only planning to ski 2 days. if so, i'd stick with the best price at sierra, but i'd still stay in tahoe over reno.
otherwise, i'd rent off of ski run blvd. and ski whichever you wanted after youre done with lessons.
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Skicougar and dchan both make sense. Stay close to where you plan to ski. Keeping things simple on your first few days lets you avoid lots of complications. If after ski activities and the tourist exoerience are important, go to south tahoe. If money is a priority then sugar bowl works.
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thanks for all your help!!!

my office manager also suggests that i stay in south tahoe... we are not big gamblers, so don't really care to stay in casinos, etc.

i plan on only skiing for 2 days.. but i will have another full day there and could ski that day also if we like it.. i'll check out the links that everyone has posted..

if i have anymore questions - i'll be back.

skicougar - i see you are in houston - i'm in pasadena!! thanks again!
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For a non-holiday midweek, you can get a room in one of the big casino in Reno for as low as $39/night. Eventhought you're not into gambling it's still a better deal than the smaller motel rooms in south tahoe.

As suggested, Boreal is a good place for beginner as well as Northstar, or even Alpine Meadow where they have mid week ticket for $41.

You can get some deals around.
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well then, lilpickle; if youre just skiing 2 days; then i agree sierra is great for the price.
south lake has a few casinos, but reno is a cheap version of vegas, IMO. south lake has great scenery and some non-casino nightlife that reno just doesnt have and i'd take hwy50 to 28 around the east side of the lake to north lake on your free day. great drive.

and if you like this skiing, you could join the space city ski club. we can take any ski trip of any texas ski club and it usually saves a lot compared to doing it on your own.
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