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Need Advice: Dad + 3 boys in SLC 1st time Jan 12-16

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It’s our first time west. My boys and I arrive SLC Wednesday evening , the 11th, for five days of skiing, (12th through Monday the 16th). With me will be a 16 yr old boarder and 16 & 13 yr old skiers. Last year the 16 year olds enjoyed the blues at Killington and the occasional black. The 13 year old liked the greens and the occasional easy blue. It was his first year on skis. My abilities (47 yr old skier) are on par with the older boys. None have skied powder, but want to try if the weather cooperates. The boarder is not interested in terrain parks. We’re staying in SLC, near the BCC/LCC entrances, so can pick and choose where to go each day.

I’ve come up with a short list of resorts, but have questions and would be grateful for any advice.

Our list is based on availability of blue and green cruisers (everyone), plus more challenging stuff (all but 13 yr old). The list includes Brighton, Solitude, Snowbasin, and Park City. I eliminated other places because of the boarder in our midst ( Deer Valley, Alta), limited green/blue terrain (Snowbird), or distance (Brian Head, etc).

A plan is to ski the above four places once each, and repeat one on Monday (Martin Luther King Day), what do you think of the following plan? I‘m trying to progress from easier to harder terrain and avoid weekend crowds.

Brighton on Thursday. I hear it has more basic terrain available and might be best for a first day. Park City on Friday – plenty of greens and blues and longer runs than day 1. Solitude and Snowbasin on the weekend since I read that these two are less likely to have long lines on the weekend. We’ll go back to the one we had the most fun at to wrap up the trip on Monday (holiday crowds a factor?).

How could weather affect our choices? Snowbasin has a lower base elevation, so I’m wondering if it’s worth the extra drive given the recent warm weather (hoping that will change). Just looking at the trail maps, it looks fantastic for what we want. Plenty of blue groomers for the 13 yr old, and challenges for the older folks.

How do the locals check up on conditions? TV? Internet? Just call?

If you’re picking up tickets at Canyon Sports, do you generally get them the night before, or that morning? I want to avoid waiting around, if possible.

We’d like to pack lunches each day to keep the cost down, but I don’t know if Utah resorts have lockers and a general cafeteria available like the places back east. Will this be a problem?

Any issues about parking? Maybe show up earlier at some places to avoid a long hike from the car?

Food: We’ll eat out a few times and fix dinner at the condo the rest of the time. Do you have recommendations for value-added places to dine at either at the resorts or in SLC? We’re on a budget, but spending $20-25 per person once or twice for something unique and fun is okay.

Well, that’s a lot of questions. Thanks for any sage advice on this or other anything else you'd like to share.


One last question - I’ve always used the Swix HC waxes and will have these along. Given the possibility of wet humid snow, is there any practical advantage to the LF waxes? Think from the “fun factor”perspective and NOT as a racer trying to shave tenths. If an LF wax can help the boys have more fun in damp conditions, then I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks and waxing in the evening. I’m guessing the answer is “No”, but then I’ve never skied a fluoro wax.
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I would add the Canyons to your list. The place is huge with a lot of variety at the level you are looking for. It does get crowded on certain runs and lower down, but it is so big that you can definately find some nice quiet areas up top (there are plenty of blues and greens all the way up top).

From my own experience at Park City Mountain, the really good stuff is also really difficult and not what you are looking for. The rest of the mountain (the blues and greens) aren't as exciting and can get pretty crowded.

I don't remember the names of the places we ate, but the PC village is pretty nice and has several nice places.

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You can get all of your lift tickets at Canyon Sports at once. You don't need to go each day. The only exception is Deer Valley, which won't apply to you since you have a boarder. I think your choice of resorts is good, although Park City may be crowded due to the holiday weekend, so you may want to go there on Thursday instead. It might be a little better crowd-wise. Others may know better than I however.
You will love Snowbasin! Lots of long intermediate runs! I have not been to Brighton, but I liked Solitude a lot when I was there last year also.
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