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Wildcat Mountain NH

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Date Skied: 12/28/2005

Resort or Ski Area: Wildcat Mountain

Crowds: Most crowded I have EVER seen Wildcat.

Liftlines:: Not bad at all. 10 minutes at the most!

Conditions: Some trails were good, some thin cover, some icy spots.
Temp around 30 and not too much wind which made for a nice day. One of the best Wildcat non-powder day/ early season days I've ever had.

Trip Report: So I get to Wildcat @ about 9:30 and need to pick up my season's pass. Well it was so crowded that they were only handing out lift-tickets to the season pass holders until later on. (So I went back after lunch and got my pass). Got on the slopes at around 10:00 which is later than I normally would becasue typically I get first chair.

The First run was Polecat. The conditions were actually really good and we hopped onto Tomcat Schuss on the way down which was awesome. There were some mid-sized bumps and the snow was pretty soft too. I think I only hit one icy spot maybe. Then it was back to continuing down the rest of Polecat which was pretty icy but then you could also hit up Lower Catenary which is normally bumped up and nice but that day, I was dissapointed with it; no real good bumps (which I guess you can attribute to lack of natural snow) and it was pretty icy, not to mention there were 15 poeple standing at the top of it just staring (sp?) at it :roll: .

Next run we went off to Upper Catapult which was surprisingly nice. Continued down to Middle Catapult Which the first turn was a sheet of ice but after that it wasn't too bad. Then we headed over to Hainsville Pass which was the most corwded I have ever seen it in my life, typically Catenary and Cougar are empty but not today! We opted for Cougar And it proved to be pretty thin cover. Skied Lower Catenary again this time on the left side and it wasn't quite as bad as the skier's right side.

(Now I am not complaining, I would rather see it open icy and thin cover than not at all. Thank-you Wildcat for being one of the few great mountains that still opens trails when conditions aren't the best. It makes for an added challenge.)

Some of Topcat was open and that made for good skiing. Lynx and Lynx Lair were both just "okay."

Liftlion was a pretty good run. Always a fun run indeed even when the snow is thin.

The "Run of the Day" would have to be Wildcat. Upper Wildcat Was great. Some nice soft moguls on it in places and good snow as usual. Wildcat Pitch Was also really good and not another ski on the trail besides us until we got somewhere down by Lower Wildcat which was also really good.

Overall it was a great day of skiing and there should be some pictures up really soon! 8) :lol:
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I've always loved the Cat. I'm glad that business is healthy & the skiing was satisfying.

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Glad to hear you had a good day at one of my favorite places. Now that I am living in Colorado, Loveland reminds me of Wildcat. Friendly place with good snow and terrain, and people who are just there to ski and ride.
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The Cat is great. I hit up opening weekend on October 29th? and it was great mid-winter conditions. Never been, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere, in the same boat as Mad One and Magic. Turned out the lift broke around 2pm and I got a voucher, so I'll be back for sure. Can't wait.
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From the parking lot- Good to see them making some snow!

Can you say crowds :lol:

Wildcat has an old groomer (now used as a plow?):

The best HSQ in New England:

Nice view of Tuckerman Ravine and Mount Washington area:

Wildcat got new trail signs:

A fun little run:

The best place to find quiet trails were the ungroomed less icy trails:

Unlike the crowded groomed trails:

The other view of the parking lot. While going to the car to grab something, one of my family member was offered $10 for the space. Suposedbly auxillary parking was also full.

The woods were pretty thin but some were still skiable. Still wouldn't reccomend any of the "well-known" runs yet.

Another scenic shot:

How could this post be complete with this picture I got of this guy... the picture is worth 1000 words.

Thanks for looking... Comments appreciated too. 8)
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Wondefull set of pictures, especially the last one LOL.

I only wish I was there.

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Man I can't wait to hit Wildcat (wow I can't believe I just said that on the eve of Jackson Hole!) it seems like a perfect New England resort. I'll be heading up there in a few weeks. Great pics!
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great shots !! Tucks looks awesome

Hey did the guy from the NH Dept of Correction you had in the last photo have on a an ORANGE jump suit too ??
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