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What to demo??

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Finally hit the slopes this weekend for the first time this season, and it was great!! I want to demo this winter to get something for next season, and would love some suggestions. I have searched the threads and have some ideas in mind...but am looking for more! stats: female, 5'3'', 115, in ability I think i'm about an "8". my goal this winter is to get better in the bumps and make quicker turns in general, and get better at really steep narrow stuff. I still get kinda scared at high speeds when i feel a little out of control. I ski only northeast, and really want a ski that is good in hardpack and ice. I'm especially interested in demoing women's skis. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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Take a look at the K2 ladies' skis (especially the Burnin' Luv), the Dynastar Exclusiv Legend, and the Volkl Gamma series.
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The stiffer Volkls are very good in ice and hardpack. I have last year's supersport gamma and love it on hard snow. Also try some Atomics. I tried the B:11 which is a wider than the Volkls. I liked it but here the snow is softer. I ski the Exclusive Legends here because conditions are generally softer-- no blue ice-- and they are floaty.
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