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[Yes, I know we have a separate FS forum, but figured this would be a beter place for such a limited-interested item.]
This was the final version of the M1 (went through many iterations, retaining the same model designation, a practice that Ortovox recently repeated for the X1), which is identical to the current M2 *except* for a different pulse rate. (No, I don't know what that means or implies, but I remember that's what was announced when the M2 came out.)
Used for only one season by my brother (until we found an M2 sitting neglected in an alpine downhill store for an absurdly low price), and since then used by me and my wife only as an occassional "victim" practice beacon (thoroughly sealed up against the snow of course).
Upon close inspection can be distinguished from new b/c of a small nick in one corner of the housing and a very slight discoloration where I had placed a name label. Harness is brand new, never used (since my brother kept using his M1 harness, and gave me the M2 harness). And yes, of course I already installed the new battery compartment cover (designed to fit better for some AA batteries that take advantage of the relatively wide specs).
Price of $165 derived from Lou Dawson's blog entry this fall for the price of a used beacon (analog only, w/o the M1's digital display for distance/signal-strength, whether you're still on the flux line, and whether to adjust the volume/signal dial) for a backcountry skier on a budget. Shipping is $3.85 via the postal service.
I no longer have the original owner's manual, but the manual for the M2, whose operation is identical to that of the M1, is available here:
A helpful overview of the current M2 is available here: