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Originally Posted by Lars
I don't believe you Tag. I'll have to go there and find out.
Do you like pets? What are you doing the last week in January/First week of February?
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I hear he likes squirrels....
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I like shooting squirrels and my dog Bailey likes shaking them when they hit the ground.

I am going to be in Colorado next week Lisa. The end of the month is no good for me but I will be back toward the end of February.

Sorry, I won't be able to watch your dog. I'm also sorry that I won't be able to ski with Jane either, or you at the Epicski gathering.
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Great picture, Powdigger! Quite a kick to see it again. Those first couple of trips were really something else.

Good luck with the sailing adventure, Jane! Sounds like quite the trip.

Disappointed to hear that Tucker slid down to the bare rocks. Anyone got any updates on conditions there now?

Lars, as Copper is our home away from home, and I usually get 15 days or so in there every year, I get a season pass, so I don't know of any other special deals beyond the usual discounted tickets at the supermarkets, both local and front-range. I don't know if the 4-packs (I think that's what they are called) are still on sale or what that package really offers except that there are black-out dates when you cannot use the tickets, and that the 4-packs are a very popular offer. Talking to some Copper employees over Christmas break, Copper had a 12,000+ day during that week when the 4-packs could be used.

JW, glad to see that you are still around too!
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