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conditions at Copper Mtn

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Just got back from Christmas at Copper. Wanted to be sure to spread the news to my fellow Bears that there is just way too much snow up at Copper right now. You would be better off just to stay away. Skiing at Copper could cause general feelings of euphoria or intoxication which could be a real problem at that altitude. So, just go to Breck or Vail, OK? I hear it's much safer there. I'll be back over President's Day and will let you know if it's safe to return after that.

Hey, just trying to be helpful here!

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I don't believe you Tag. I'll have to go there and find out.
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yeah, Copper and all of Colorado sucks....stay away people!~!!!!
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The wife and I have to suffer through a week in Summit County beginning Sunday. It will pain us deeply to leave the 46 degree weather here as we're only a mile from the beach and the waves will be bitchin' with back to back noreasters
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I'll be at Copper Tuesday. Let me know if you want that OHG guest pass.
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It was 65 degrees in Denver yesterday. 65. We had the windows down driving home (mostly because we smelled bad, but hey).
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Dang Snow

Originally Posted by janesdad
It was 65 degrees in Denver yesterday. 65. We had the windows down driving home (mostly because we smelled bad, but hey).
Don't you love CO. Steve. I was down there after the 12 days of Christmas teaching and catching up up on somethings. Then went over to Fox Hollow and banged range rocks for awhile in my shirt sleeves-and drove back into the blizzard up here.

Yeah Copper is far too snowy right now-went over for a training staff meeting this afternoon and it is still coming down.
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yep, looooove CO. I was skiing for two days in a glorious blizzard at Copper, and then came back down to Boulder and hiked in a t shirt on Monday. God's Country I tell you!
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Holy crap an old bear sighting!!!
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All joking aside, it does seem as though in some ways there has been too much snow at Copper. We were out there the week before Christmas and were talking to the patrol about the Tucker Mountain snowcats. Apparently they had an avalanche several weeks ago that took out the whole hillside right down to base : (ie chunks of trees rocks and turf in the slide). So until this is covered up they won't be running the snow cats.

Never thought I'd say it, but I guess there can actually be too much of a good thing.

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holy crap
and everytime ive been there for the past few weeks theyve been blasting the crap out of that side. Id hear at least a dozen blasts so Id assume theres a lot more I dont hear or am around for. anyway, in the meantime, keep snowing cause I want to have fun on my new mojos at copper.
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Originally Posted by Powdigger
Holy crap an old bear sighting!!!
And part of the original very first Barking Bears Gathering in Tahoe might I add.

Can you remember all who attended Ed?

I can't. Please post the names.

Pierre Eh
Pow Digger
The skicrazy's

Help me Ed?
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First Gathering

Lars I have a pic of the group. When I get home I will post it.

Pierre Eh
Pow Digger
The skicrazy's


Jane and now ex-boyfriend FreshTrax's (Jim?)

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I remember Jane being hot.
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Originally Posted by Powdigger
Holy crap an old bear sighting!!!

Hey, Pow! Yes, too old sometimes! I have come out of hibernation! Have been doing quite a bit of lurking lately, but not a lot of posting.

Lars, is Jim the same as JW? That's the only other name I can come up with, at the moment. Work and family have kept me away from both the Academy's and the Gatherings the last few years and switching from 'stay-at-home' Dad to contributing member of the economy has cut back on my time to 'surf the net'. And, Lars, I would agree with you. Jane could have had any boyfriend she wanted that weekend. I do remember Freshtrax ripping through that Sierra cement on an old pair of skinny Force 9's, while the rest of us tried some 'cheater' skis. Didn't Pierre's daughter ski with us too?

Viking, I was surprised to see Tucker looking very barren. I thougt the cats would have been running to capacity when I heard about all th snow Copper had. I had not heard about an avalanche. I thought the wind might have scoured the face clean. It was really blowing up there last week. It seemed like we had west to NW winds at 20 to 30 mph all week long!
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Tag, No, JW is a diferent person than Jim/Freshtrax. Ya, Jim was rippin the steeps and bumps on those old Force9's. I remember using a pair of Volant Chubbs in 180 and skiing with a bum shoulder which required surgery the week I got home. Seems like we got like freshies everyday we were there.

Rippin the steeps with you guys was fun. The steep crew was AC who knew the place and all the stache, Pierre, JW,Tag, Jim, and me. The best laugh we had was Jim snagging JW's ski as it was about to launch over a 30 foot drop. If he hadn't grabbed it I don't know how we would have gotten him down,it was so steep and tight with rocks on both sides. Remember? I don't remember skiing with Pierre's daughter. I skipped the final day as I was hurting real bad. Spent the day and night at the Atlantic Casino in Reno shooting crap. It was a trip to remember.

I'm going to be in Colorado next weekend for a week. Did you hike Tucker to the Nacho or further? Was the cat running?
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Hey, Lars. Yeah, it was a great trip. Lots of good snow, AC was a great guide, fun areas to ski, and great company. I can't remember which area we skied the last day, but my recollection is that Pierre's daughter skied with us that last day. The group was smaller that day as many had to leave to get home, and AC was sick with a cold. That and skiing on a pair Dynastar's (Big's?) that I did not care for. And, of course, the shocked expression on my friend's faces when I told them I was going skiing with group of people I had never met and only knew from an Internet BBS! :

I did not ski Tucker. It was not open last week, and the cats were not running. The Ski Patrol was blasting like crazy and very busy cutting/testing the ridgeline. Snow conditions are (were) great in Copper Bowl, Union, Spaulding and Reso. Looking straight across the valley from Alicante, my impression is that the snow conditions surprisingly are pretty iffy on that face. LOTS of bare rocks, etc. The chutes look OK, though. Coming up from 750 feet above sea level to 12,000 feet, I do as little hiking as possible when I'm at Copper, so I only ski Tucker when I can catch the snocat.
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It was a blast wasn't it. A bunch of guys from all over the US, not knowing anyone and yet it was like skiing with old friends. I guess we were Pioneers here.

Copper has always been one of my favorites. The view from the top is breathtaking and the skiing better. I've hiked the ridge of Tucker over to the Nacho and the Taco chutes and that's about as far as my 55 year old lungs will let me. The snow gets deep there as the wind loads that whole side. I'll be there next Sunday. Did you find any ticket deals? My Copper card is no good this year.

Good chating with you. Don't stay away so long ok?
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thanks for the compliments guys !!!

well talk about a blast from the past. wasn't it just a fabulous trip, I remember sheltering from the wind on a chair with powdigger, (thanks for the hug mate), doing some nice turns with the skicrazies and celebrating my birthday with a great bunch of people !

not much skiing these days, sticking to cycling, rd and mtn. In the process of embarcing on new adventures including moving to Auckland, buying a 40 odd ft yacht with my partner and preparing to do a circumnavigation in 07/08. yikes ! ain't life bloody fabulous when you grab it and squeeze everthing you can out of it

best wishes to you all and many happy turns to you in 2006.


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Powdigger, you dog you!
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Sounds like you are enjoying life Jane.

It is good knowing that all is good with you.

I remember your cheerful face and wish you nothing but good fortune.

Are you still hot?
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They bombed Tucker yesterday and it broke loose and slid--all the way down to the rocks. Bong told me where the fracture line was, but I've forgotten, and my guests weren't up to skiing the bowls, so we didn't get up there to see it.

I guess it went big...

But, the skiing at Copper is great, with snow coming in tonight and tomorrow. Definitely in great shape...
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Oh Jane I'm Outted!!

Hey do you remember that blizzard!!! Fresh tracks all day it was great and finally learned how to ski powder. Except Jane and I got stuck the Shirley Lake lift for . . . like 20 min. . . with the wind in our face and the snow blowing hard . . .!!

It was survival I tell ya and . . . oh ya . . the company wasn't bad either.

It think that frozen chair ride ended our day.

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The First Gathering of the Bears Squaw Valley 2000

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oops sorry powdigger ! tee hee

yeh Lars still HOT, its 30 degrees outside and I just got back from 130km ride !
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Great picture Ed. That was JW in the yellow jacket next to me. The other Jim was on the end I believe. Did you take this picture Ed? It's small but I can't make out where you are.

130km ride Jane? Must be in great shape.

Don't stay away from posting so long. It's nice to have you back. Drop me a line anytime. How do they say it, "Good on ya Mate"
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Resized the Picture

Yep. That is James W. in the Yellow. We have keep in touch over the years but I have not spoken to him for awhile now. He is skiing alot of Backcountry

I'm on the far right next to Ryel (?)..

A passer by took the picture and I believe this was our day at Sugar Bowl.

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omg, here I am trying to get ready for a trial, trying to pretend there isn't any ski season going on, much less a good one, trying to be a good boy and stay offline,

then Tag crawls out from under a rock and posts about Copper, then Lars, then Jane (ditto what y'all said about Jane) and Ed brings out the photos....

now I'm hurting to ski in a big way. Thanks a lot, guys!


(ps, we had some fun at Tahoe, didn't we? hope you're all well)
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you folks are a hoot! yea, I was there but stayed in the kicked back group...no way I could do a chute. Life is good and still learning to smile big and enjoy a few inches of fresh snow. Seen any squirrel?
circumnavigation in a 40 ft yacht?! that takes a lot more than planting an Epicski sticker on a lift pole! The best of luck and times to ya.
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Sorry JW. I feel your pain!!! That was my November and December. Have a trial on Wed. and then I'm through until March. March's should settle at the FPT so I'm good. Any chances of settlement and you joining us in PC.

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