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Park City Advice

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My wife and I will be in PC the last week of January. We are going to ski 5 days. We are both solid intermediates and prefer long groomed blues and a few easy blacks. We are planning to ski one day each at PC, DV and the Canyons, then decide where to spend the last two days.

I've heard mixed things about the Canyons. Should we skip it and ski another day at DV?

Are there any multi-resort lift tickets (good for all three places)? Otherwise, not knowing how many days we will ski at each place means only buying single day tickets. If that is the case, is there anywhere we can get discounted tickets?

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I also read negative things periodically about the Canyons. However, I have skiied all 3 PC resorts and like the Canyons just as much as the other two. Further, The Canyons has a lot of terrain for your skill level.
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I"ve been to PC the last 2 years so I might be able to help.

The Canyons is huge and really pretty. The only bad things about it are the snowboarders (tons of them sit in the middle of trails sometimes) and the staff (average age 17, so don't expect any mountain tours or anything, since they are notorious for not showing up). I would recommend going for a day unless those things really bother you. I've skied it twice and the mountain is so big you can usually find some really pretty and quiet areas.

I would strongly recommend going to Alta for the day. There is a company that offers shuttle rides there and it isn't that far. The mountain is wide open and often has the best conditions. It also has a lot of charm (think 1970s).

Btw, out of all the areas there I think PC mountain is by far the worst. So definately don't plan to spend more than 1 day there.

Regarding tickets, you can by something called the Silver Pass (I think that's what its called) but it will not work at Alta.

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We went to PC last year as intermediates. We got reduced cost tickets from Canyon Sports, there are a few locations in SLC. The Deer Valley tickets offered only a moderate cost reduction and had to be used on a specific day. We skied one day at DV and enjoyed it, had a fantastic lunch at Silver Lake Lodge (at least I think that was the name). Really a spectacular lunch! Next day we went to The Canyons and actually liked skiing there more than at DV. It's spread out and can be a bit tough to find your way around, but lots of terrain. We took the mountain tour, it was led by two middle aged guys who were very enjoyable (if they were only 17 they were the oldest looking 17 year olds I've ever seen). I think the tour at The Canyons is really beneficial cause I didn't find it a straight forward mountain to get around. The restaurants and lodges at The Canyons certainly don't come close to those at DV, but we certainly enjoyed skiing there. I definately concur with visiting Alta for a day or two -- we loved Alta and did two day trips from PC to Alta -- very scenic with great snow. We didn't try PCMR.
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Personally, I think the snowboarder problem is much worse at PC than the Canyons due to the lack of beginner runs at the latter. The Canyons terrain is much more interesting as well and has plenty of relatively easy off-piste terrain for intermediates. A full week after storms, I found plenty of completely untouched powder in the trees just a few feet off the groomers.
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