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9X Oversize

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Well I recieved my new pair of skis! They look awsome with Rossignol's new tp sheet texture. They are also much lighter than my 2003 9S WC's. I got them via a Rossignol Rep who can be contacted by sending a email to Rossi. They are were a ligtly used Demo pair but them came with the non-demo Axial 120 bindings.

Can't wait to try them out!

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No one has questions?
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I've recived and tried my new 174cm RPM 90 Oversize last week, one of the skicross version of 9X. It have the same shape, plate, construction and technologies than 9X.
I've never used a ski than carves like this. It cuts anything incredibly easy. It works excellent in all kind of turns, better when you push it hard. Is a very liveness skis. It likes to do everything FAST and whith 0 nerve. In powder works good, fast too, very maneuverable.
It tried a 10.20 a same time... its a slow titanic beside RPM's
I hope your 9X will fell similar.

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Sounds great. How stiff are the RPM90's?
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The 9X Oversize and the RPM 100 are the same ski with different graphics. The RPM 90 is a bit less demanding, and more forgiving. I skied the whole Rossis '04 line last Feb, and it's pretty solid. The Oversize and 100 are super fun. They don't have that rock from one edge to the other feel of Rossi's race skis, but they are much more versatile.
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Originally posted by Need BB:
Sounds great. How stiff are the RPM90's?
Enough to ski very fast. May be like Salomon 2V
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