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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618
Biotech firm? Think you can pull some strings for a biomed engineering major? In, say, 3 or 4 years?
Houghton, good God, you aren't going to Michigan Tech are you? My Dad graduated from there in 1942 as a Mining Engineer before joining the Navy to do his stint as an Engineering Officer on LSTs. He told me something about beer factories in the area. He also mentioned massive amounts of snow.

PhysicsMan, I was waiting for you to wade in on this one. Well said.
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Land of Mt. Bohemia, eh? Pics? Is it dumpin'?
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PHYSICSMAN - where do you teach? You teach Physics Im assuming- Good Stuff.

Bravo- theyre all right, though I dont want to pile onto you. I graduated college a couple years ago and can see where they are all coming from and I see how you feel too. The people here will help you so much if you just get some more specific questions (goes for almost any class or professor youll find too). Looking into Google and getting 37000 hits can be a bit overwhelming. Dont worry about how long your paper is- you dont need to just end it at your tenth page (I hope). Pick what about the history of skiing interests you the most and go in that direction. Just find the info and start an outline and write- dont worry about how far you are. When you feel that youve written a good amount and have covered what you want to cover, then see how far you are. I guarantee it will be more than 10 pages and your next job is to trim it down a bit.
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I'm stuck in Milwaukee for the time being, but I'll get pics probably some point next week.
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Somewhere at this site is a list of speed skiing records going back to the 1930's, but I am too lazy to find it for you:


I remember when I had to go to a Federal Repository library to research information. That required a long drive and hundreds of dollars in copying costs. You do have it easy today, but then I had it easier than the generation before me as well.

Good luck.

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