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Anyone want to help?

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I'm doing a school project that has to be 10 pages long . It’s about the development of skiing and snowboarding. If anyone’s got any info they want to share with it im sure it will help. If you got any links that would be cool.
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I'll bet it's due tomorrow too, right?
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Don't they call that "homework"?

Isn't homework supposed to be done by the student?
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acualy it was due before break
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Here's what the previous posters are trying to tell you

Originally Posted by Bravo
I'm doing a school project that has to be 10 pages long . It’s about the development of skiing and snowboarding. If anyone’s got any info they want to share with it im sure it will help. If you got any links that would be cool.
Hi Bravo - Welcome to Epic. You may have already done searches on Google about the "history of skiing". When I did, I turned up 37,000 hits. On the first couple of pages of hits, every single one was relevant:


Performing the search and reviewing the first couple of pages of results took me less than 1 minute. Since you didn't mention that you already did this, may I ask why not? It's the obvious first thing to do whenever you need info and have a computer available.

Let me make a suggestion that is applicable to life as well as your particular situation. If you show some evidence that you exerted a reasonable amount of effort on a project, ie, tried on your own to find the info you need but couldn't and are now finally asking others to spend some of their time helping you, just about every person I know (myself included) will bend over backwards trying to help you.

OTOH, if you ask for help before you have even lifted a finger (or forgot to mention that you did), you'll wind up with quite a few people who will suspect that you are nothing more than a slouch who wants people to do all your work for you, even the basics.

For example, if you had simply said, "Hey, I found 37000 hits on Google but don't know which ones are important and if the stuff in Wikipedia is correct", I guarantee that you would have immediately received lots of help.

There are quite a few experts on the history skiing here on Epic (BTW, I'm not one of them). Asking them to write up the basics for you is like immediately going to brain surgeon when you haven't even taken an aspirin to see if that will cure your headache.

Sorry to sound so harsh, but I meet a lot of lazy kids in my work. I'm not sure if you are one of them (you might be enthusiastic and went to a very knowledgeable source first), but if you don't want to be mistaken for one, do a bit of homework first or let us know what you already tried to find the info that you need.

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i already have a few pages of info and i was just asking if anyone had any knew any sites that would help me out.
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Here's a few links:





That's all I'm going to give you until you show some gumption. I fully agree with YoungOldTimer, you need to show us some intiative. You don't learn by having others do the work for you.

I've done some teaching and training. Be thankful you aren't in one of my classes. Late work is worthless. You'd be getting a zero grade for work turned in after the due date. Turn in late work in the business world and you will be looking for a new job very quickly. I teach people to approach school the same way you approach a job. Think about it. If you want some pointers, send me a private message and I'll get in touch with you.
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Originally Posted by Bravo
i already have a few pages of info and i was just asking if anyone had any knew any sites that would help me out.
if as the earlier poster said that there are over 30,000 possible links for "history of skiing", how many more sites did you need to get your paper started??? yeesh!

you kids nowdays have it so easy...when i was in school, there was no internet. to research and write a paper, i had to go to the library, often-times you had to go to one of the main branches which meant additional travel time, then spend hours searching for books under subject topics and cross-referencing them, then hunt them down on the actual shelves or ask the librarian for help if they were in a restricted section (you hope they were in a good mood!). then i had to either read the books there and take notes or photocopy the pages so i could read it at home and take notes.

besides...a paper on history of skiing isn't exactly the hardest thing to write about, ya know?!
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thx for the links..but if you just gona talk shit, then dont post.
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Originally Posted by Bravo
thx for the links..but if you just gona talk shit, then dont post.
lovely...not only do you show an utter lack of ability to think for yourself, you have nothing else to do but fall back on curses to defend yourself.

learn to spell, genius......'gona' has 2 N's
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lack of ability to think for myself? all i did was ask if anyone WANTED to help if you dont wana help the stfu. and "gonna" isnt even a word so dont try and correct me. and ya i have 4 pages and i was getting alittle bored.
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Bravo, I hope you stick around for a little longer. This is not only entertaining, it's incredibly educational.

Are you the product of public schooling, private schooling, home schooling, or none of the above?
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public, this is a small part of my senior project
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Bob, I do believe the irony of your response was lost on our dear boy....
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It sounds like a cool project.

Don't forget to include the skiing pioneer of Telemark and Christiania turn/slalom skiing. He also invented the first ski with sidecut. Sondre Nordheim was one of the very first inovators of skiing. In his time, he was noted as such. Well after his time, he is regarded as an icon.

Sondre’s contribution – in short – can be expressed this way:
  • He introduced skis and bindings which were new to most people at that time – he introduced the Telemark turn/Telemark style and the Christiania turn/slalom. By doing this in the capital, it received a lot of attention, and became crucial to further work of organizing skiing as a sport, along with the development and production of skis, both in Norway and abroad.
  • Sondre demonstrated to people the joy of skiing, he played an important role in changing skiing from utility into enjoyment and sports.
Check that link ...it's got lots of neat information to spice up that report.
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Oh boy, senior mastery projects. Always weeds the scholastic men from the boys. The development of skiing and snowboarding is going to be a bit longer than 10 pages, champ. Imagine my suprise when my senior mastery project on the evolution of alternative rock from the late 70s through the early 90s turned into 36 single spaced pages.

Have fun.
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Bravo, you just did the equivalent of walking into a brand-new high school and announcing all the students in that school are _______ (insert your favorite obnoxious insult).

There's an enormous amount of opportunity in the life you have ahead of you. How successful (and happy) you are depends a great deal on how you go about doing things. A little humility, respect, and initiative will go a long way as you start to live your adult life.

A bunch of us interpreted your original post as a request for someone else to do your homework for you. Even then, you got some very good results (along with some excellent advice). You then chose talking smack over sincerely thanking those who gave you links and information.

I know you may not care what some nameless, faceless old fart on an internet forum thinks, but you'll have a much easier time in life if you do a little more work and show a little less attitude.

Collectively, the members of EpicSki have an almost limitless knowledge of the history of skiing (and even boarding). They would be delighted to help you out as long as it appears you're doing more than the absolute minimum you possibly could to complete an assignment.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters

.........I know you may not care what some nameless, faceless old fart on an internet forum thinks, .........
Thanks Bob, I resemble that remark.

Bravo, remember all of us have been in your shoes. Most of us have learned that sometimes those old farts actually know something.
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I was wondering how much it would cost me to get Jane through college. Now I have a better way to estimate.
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thx Seven,

i do show 'humility and respect'. just not to ppl i dont think deserve it
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Originally Posted by Bravo
thx Seven,

i do show 'humility and respect'. just not to ppl i dont think deserve it
Aww it's okay - just be sure to tell your first job supervisor to "Stfu".:

You will find it incredibly ironic later in life when you find out the sort of people (not myself) you are addressing in this way.

Might be a bit like asking for help with your homework at the Physics convention and smarting off to a couple of guys only to find out that who you just told to "stfu" were Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

You've just used your attitude to screw yourself over. Congratulations.
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tuckerman ravine

Be sure to include Tony Matt. He tucked Tuckerman Ravine in the 30's. Read about him and you decide. He's a legend.

Google: time for tuckerman. That might have some stuff for you.
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Ask Uncle Crud

If you need help with style and edit, Uncle Crud is a kind sole who might be willing to help you.

Don't let the name scare you, he's really good with kids (you don't snowboard do you?).

Oh yeah, It's Toni Matt. Toni is a man who spells his name with an i?
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Don't forget Wayne Wong, Susie Chafee, and that great story about Spider Sabich and Claudine.
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Yeah and even after duh intarweb was discuvered, peeps had to dial-up on 2400 baud modems. Thru da snow, uphill both ways. Way back in teh nineetees.
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All right PPL: , give the kid a break and do his homework for him. Life's tough for kids these days, haven't ya heard? TEN WHOLE PAGES ON YOUR FAVORITE SPORT!!!!!!! Wow. He needs help!!! And........If you're not nice to him, he'll sue you or go gunnin for you.:

I thought everyone was being honest with you, Bravo. Honesty evidently deserves curses. Remind me not to be honest with you!
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The posts by “Alterego” and “Takecontrol” about senior projects and academic papers caught my eye.

As some of you know, I am a professor at a major university and one of the courses that I teach is the “senior project” course for my department. This is a 3 semester sequence that every student majoring in this field must take and pass in order to graduate. I run the course *precisely* the way T-square described: Just like a real science / engineering job. I demand initiative and have hard deadlines. If a student fails even one semester, they don’t graduate on time.

There are two ways in which this relates to this thread. First, practically every week, some student that is behind in his work will come into my office and use lines like Bravo did, i.e., “I already have 4 pages”, and “This was only a small part of my project”, but just like “Bravo”, doesn’t supply anything to back up their claims.

If “Bravo” had already done some work, he would have replied directly to YOT’s question about why it appears that he didn’t use Google. Students telling the truth in such a situation will almost always blurt out a stream of seemingly unrelated facts that they unearthed in doing their research, but need help in making sense of these facts. If the student doesn’t offer such information voluntarily, simply asking them exactly what their research turned up immediately separates the lazy from the industrious. The bottom line is that it is absolutely trivial for an adult to tell when a child is lying, and I am in full agreement with everyone else in this thread that felt “Bravo” certainly slacked off on this project, and, from his conduct in this thread, is probably a slacker in general.

To “Bravo”, I would strongly suggest that you try never again to get yourself into such an academic situation in the first place, and certainly, never lie about how much you have accomplished. What you did is as transparent as the grade school kid telling the teacher that “the dog ate my homework”.

The second way my work relates to “Bravo’s” situation is to reinforce the extremely worthwhile advice that T-square already gave. Just like T-square, I can tell you that acting the way you did will almost certainly get you a failing grade in my courses. If you think that failing one course is bad enough, think about how you will feel when you can’t graduate college with your friends, you can’t start a career because you don’t have your degree and because you have to re-do your senior project, etc.

In addition, I also want to support what T-square already told you about trying to pull the same BS in a work situation. Before I returned to academia, I was the director of biotechnology at a 500 person company. Periodically, I would see some employee try to bluster their way through an awkward situation (e.g., being late with a deliverable) the way “Bravo” did. I fired several of them and didn’t feel bad in the least in doing so. What you did doesn’t work in the corporate world any better than it works in school.

As others have said before me in this thread, you have been given some great advice by people who have absolutely no bias against you. You should think about it seriously.


Tom / PM

PS - Since you are new to Epic and probably don’t know anything about the people who participated in this thread, in addition to some *extremely* experienced skiers, I also see two or three pro ski instructors, a medical doctor, and at least one engineer whose dad (as I recall) was also a professor. No, we are not all “out to get you” – we are actually trying to help you.

PS#2 – I did a Google search on “history of snowboarding” and turned up ~28000 hits in addition the 37000 on “history of skiing” that YOT found for you.
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Biotech firm? Think you can pull some strings for a biomed engineering major? In, say, 3 or 4 years?
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