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Binding mounting question...

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Hi there everyone,
First time posting. Hope someone can help me. Some background: I'm a pretty good skier, been doing it since I was 4 and used to race. Now I'm getting interested in some of the new school stuff that's been going on. I have been skiing on pocket rockets for the past couple of years, which are fun in the soft stuff, but they tend to collapse like a house of cards when I push them too hard. (I know, I know.) So I'm getting this new pair of sticks through a friend of a friend made by a tiny company based in Aspen. They have a wood core as opposed to the salomon foam core and are quite a bit stiffer and beefier. The core is layered Aspen and Fir and has a carbon fiber stringer for some pop with rubber for dampness. The dimensions are 124-92-114 and it's a true twin tip. So here's my question: There are two mount points on the ski. There's a freeride mount toward the rear and a jib mount that is in the center. I probably spend about 15% of my time in the park, with the rest spent making turns on the rest of the mountain (nothing groomed). I don't think I want to be directly in the center of the ski, but I might like to be a little bit forward of the freeride point to make it a little bit more jib-friendly. How much do you think it will mess with my ride to mount maybe halfway in between these points? They're probably only 4 or 5 cm apart. Has anyone done anything like this with a volkl mantra or something similar to that? I think that ski is a good approximation (I've skied both).

Thanks in advance.
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My recommendation for situations like this is to always use a binding "system" that will allow for fore/aft adjustments. There's just no way for you to know what you're gonna like so why commit? Re-drilling skis sucks if things are wrong (I know - I've done it about 3 times already this season).

So go with a plate or a Tyrolia Railflex or an Atomic binding. Pick something that will give you a choice.
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Thanks for the advice. Thing is, I already have the bindings I was going to use (Look P14s). I haven't used anything besides look pivots or rossi axials for the deeper stuff in years, so I got what I was comfortable with. I didn't want too much extra height or weight there either, can you recommend a very low profile fore/aft adjustment plate that will work with these bindings?
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I have my Public Enemies mounted +2 and it doesn't affect my freeskiing at all- mounting them even at core center isn't going to make unrideable, especially if you've never skied on them before. They'll just be a little different.

If I had the chance to remount my PEs, I'd probably go +5 just because I feel that +2 doesn't make enough difference while skiing switch to have justified it.
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