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April Trip Suggestion

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My wife and I have a chance to get away without the kids the week of 4/17. I'd like to do a final ski week of the season but know that NE is not the place I want to be skiing that late (unless of course I'm hiking Tucks). So I'm thinking out west. Any suggestions on areas that would provide the best chances of having decent conditions at that time of the year? A couple of other criteria:

1) An area that is within 2 hours of a major airport.
2) An area that also has possibilities for other activities such as dinning, shopping, site seeing in case the weather doesn't workout.
3) Not looking for a Deer Valley type of place, more of an Alta, Taos type of mountain with things to do.

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As far as Colorado goes, the best conditions will be A Basin and Loveland. Those are followed by Copper and Breck. A Basin will have a lively, party atmosphere with lots of grills set up on the tailgates of pickups. Loveland will be low-key and quiet. Copper and Breck will both have spring events going on with the main attraction at Copper being a stage with live music all day. At the tail end of the list is Vail and Keystone. I think Aspen areas will be closed by then. The key here is altitude and Vail will be a soupy mess if it's even open.

Outside of CO, others will likely recommend Snowbird/Alta, Tahoe, and Mammoth. You're not going to have a lot of options that weekend, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Spring skiing is wonderful no matter where ya go.
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You need to look carefully at closing dates, which will be April 16 for many areas. If only A-Basin and Loveland are still open in Colorado (that was true last year) you'll get much more skiing elsewhere.

Mammoth is #1 at that time IMHO and Mt. Bachelor #2 purely in terms of big mountains with consistent conditions in spring. Snowbird is good, but Alta closed April 17 last year. Your week coincides with the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler. If the kids are teenagers they will love that, and snow in the alpine is usually good.
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