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Volkl G3 - question.

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Does the new Volkl G3, which replaced the G31 Vertigo, have a "special" binding setup similar to the Soloman-Pilot? I was told be a reputable shop tech in Seattle that the new Volkls could not be mounted with traditional bindings????
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I talked to a friend of mine that stocks Volkls at his ski shop. Basically, there are going to be two versions of the G3 available next year. One is basically the G31 without the special binding set-up. It will be like this years G31 but available in different & fewer lengths. The other version will have Volkl/Markers answer to the Pilot system integrated on it.
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Here is the preliminary information on the 2002 G3. Some shops have seen only one version, the Motion, which comes with the new Marker binding, but it will be available w/o the binding system. Note the new sidecut (108-70-96) as opposed to the dimensions of the G30/31 (106-69-92). Although I have not skied it yet, the new model skis more like an X-Scream or Mod X Pro. The straight-ish tail is gone, which some of us really liked about the G30/31. Also, the 2002 model is reportedly softer in flex to accommodate for the wider tail. For this reason, many more aggressive skiers were desperate to get a hold of the 2001 model. I would like to try the new G3, and even if it is a bit softer, I should still rip much like the previous verison. Last, the sizes for the G3 have changed as well - 163, 170, 177, 184, 191 (very much like Rossi sizing). I suppose that makes my 193 G30 a keeper! Also, big guys might have no other choice than to go with the 198 G4.
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Vertigo Motion comes with the Marker binding on rails, while the G3Energy does not. Same dimensions, but I don't know if the innards are basically the same.
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Heh guys - really appreciate the feedback. Reason I'm asking right now, I've got a lead on a pair 184 G3s, NOT the Motion setup. Since I'm pretty happy with my 188 MXPs (mostly for their on piste high speed performance),I'm figuring that the 184 in the G3 would give me a better all around off piste ski and keep the MXP for on-piste high speed cruisin' which is where it really shines. I can pick these guys up for 400, new in plastic. Thoughts?
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Hey Matter,

I have to agree with you about the K2 MXP. It is my favorite all-mtn. stick as well. Last season, I brought my 193 G30's and 188 MXP's to UT. I skied the G30's at Deer Valley for the long groomers (hey, we had free passes) but preferred the MXP's for just about everything else. The G30 is more like a race ski, but the MXP is just more fun. I would imagine that the new dimension and supposed softer flex on the G3 might give it more of that MXP feel. I will say this in favor of the VOlkl's, I have to send the MXP's back to K2 on warranty. I cracked the tips in several places on both skis. The Volkl's have seen equal use, but are holding up much better.
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Straight-ish tails - the tips are actually even more straight - 103-69-92mm on my pair of G31s.
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The new G3 will have diminsions greater than the G31, 108/70/96. I believe. I'm thinking that this slightened dofterned version of the G31 with turned up tail could be a great turnin ski in a 184. The MXP was great all around ski in a 188, awesome cruiser, just wished it had turned a little quicker in the steeps, bumps and trees. Any one else thinking G3 for this coming season?
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I am interested in Rio's post that Volkl is returning a ski like the G31. first I heard of that. I thought the only difference between the G3 Motion and the G3 is above the ski.

I spent 4 hours on the G3 Motion (184cm) in March and thought it to be quite softer than the X-Scream Series. I haven't skied the ModXPro but would think the G3 is not at that performance level. It doesn't have the racey feel of G30 or 11.20 but the trade offs might be better for many skiers. The snow was very warm that day so can't tell you how it holds on ice. I may demo this again as some here are saying it is a great ski. I demoed the 11.20 on the same day and liked it much more. I prefer a racey ski that isn't quite as easy in difficult snow though. I spend 65% of my time on hard snow (groomed and bumps). So far I like the F1 best all around. I need to demo the 11.20 again too to see how it holds on the hard stuff. If I can buy 2 pairs, I think the G4 and P50SL would cover all terrain needs.
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I suspect it will be the G3Energy( your pick of binding setup) and the Vertigo Motion with the Marker. Both have the same core. It would not surprise me that if a demand seemed to exist, that Volkl might make a woodcore(beefier?) version of the G3?!
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