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Nordica Soft Boots?????

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I'm currently skiing with Salomon XWave boots. I constantly loose my circulation in my right foot. The hing of the boot rests directly over a big calcium deposit below my ankle that when pressed on, causes the loss of circulation. I've had the boots blown out as much as possible but my foot still goes numb. I saw a pair of Nordica soft boots and wondered if anybody has skied with them. I'm a former racer, now ski instructor, and need to be able to feel my feet!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Salomons: the hinge of the boot (upper cuff to lower)?

is it streched out more then 10-15mm? (max) and then ground out too? (get another 3+mm) and you still need more?

Is the footbed supporting your foot enough? do you need more support to move the ankle away from the shell?

nordicas: thye then and see?
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nordica soft boots

Thanks for your reply MTNLion!

I have custome footbeds and they seem to be supporting my foot rather well. When I mention the hinge, I was calling the part of the boot that attaches the cuff to the rest of the boot. There's a black circle that contains the attachment. This is the same area that rubs just below my ankle, and is diffucult to punch out any more than it has been.

Perhaps grinding it down like you suggested will help. I'll try it.

Thanks for your input!
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you should be able to get that hinge point punched out 10mm or more .. you need MORE then that??
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Snowmiser, FWIW, none of my instructor friends who tried soft boots were happy with them. They've gone back to regular boots--and you'll not that soft boots have pretty much disappeared from the market. There's a reason...
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Maybe you're bootfitter could cut a big hole in that part of your liner. Kinda like one of those moleskin donuts. Mine took a big piece of the tongue off of my boots to relieve pressure across the arch.
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Maybe if you would try filling in the gap over the rest of your healthy area with some soft foam..in order to keep your problem nub from moving around...and meeting the shell somewhere it shouldn't be in? ..Ditto epic's idea...
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Ditto what Haveskiswillclimb...I had the same problem with my salomon boats. Took them to Surefoot in Snowmass where they added a thick padding material above the ankle section on the outside of the liner. Kept the ankle joint and liner from touching any part of the interior shell of boot. Never had another issue of blisters/ hotspots on my ankle since. Cost about $15.00 and they did this job while I waited.
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Thanks to everybody for your input on both the Nordica Soft Shell boots, and also with the problem that I'm having with my Salomon boots. I'm going to try some of your suggestions!

Thanks Again!

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