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His & Hers All-Mountain ski reviews (Long)

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My girlfriend and I were in Fernie for 5 days over New Year’s, and demoed a bunch of skis. Conditions were great with 6-18in of fresh, soft snow at the top, 2-3 additional inches each day, with spring conditions and some ice at the bottom.

Here are our impressions. Thanks to those who made demo suggestions in previous posts.

Him: 5’8”,150#, age 29, level 8 and improving, athletic but not powerful
Her: 5’4”, 130#, age 35, solid level 8 with excellent technique, frmr. high school racer

Day 1:
Him: Rossi B2, 166cm. The perfect ski to start off with: first skiing day of the year, and breaking in new boots, I needed something forgiving. Very nimble. Floated beautifully in soft snow, and were confident both short and long turns. Forgiving of first-day technique errors. Edge grip was good on hardpack, but nothing special on scraped-off crust and ice.

Her: Nordica Olympia Victory, 162cm. Wow, these skis can dance! I found them very energetic and they practically launch you off your turns. At the 162 length, I had some issues in the trees, but they floated great and on the scraped hardpack they dominated. See day 5 for review of 154cm length

Day 2:
Him: K2 Recon, 167cm. Solid and reliable, it plowed through crud and arced long turns very nicely in soft snow and hardpack. Edge grip on scraped and ice was nothing special. Not a lot of energy, and less nimble than Rossis in the trees and soft bumps.

Her: Nordica Olympia Victory, 162cm (Same as day 1). Same generally good feelings as on day 1, but felt tired from working the longer length

Day 3:
Him: Atomic Metron M:10, 164cm. ‘05 model (essentially same as ’06). I really liked this ski. Arced short and long-radius turns on hardpack and soft snow. Great in the trees and soft bumps. Floated well, blasted through crud, unbelievable edge grip on hardpack and ice. Rewarded good technique, but also forgave the occasional backseat driving episode. Heavy, but you only noticed it when carrying them.

Her: Dynastar Legend Exclusive, 158cm. These skis let me slack on technique a bit more than the Olympia Victorys. Very versatile, but less energetic than the Nordica’s. Still, I had a lot of fun on these skis.

Day 4:
Him: Elan Magfire 10, 160 and 168cm. The 160cms were great in short turns, trees, bumps, and had great float and edge grip. They only wanted to do short-rad turns, so I was tired by lunch. I tried the 168s after lunch, and they were every bit as maneuverable with great grip. More powerful through crud and floated even better than the shorter length. Still only wanted to do short-rad turns, so I was really tired at the end of the day.

Her: Elan Magfire 8 152 cm and Elan Steel Magic 160cm. These skis are structurally identical, with the Steel Magics having a feminine blue topsheet. These skis seem to love the powder and the bumps. I didn’t find these skis gave you much “pop” on your turns. Versatile on all terrain.

Day 5:
Him: Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, 162 and 170cm. Demo’d this one based on advice from the forums, and because she liked hers so much. The 162s floated reasonably well, ripped through trees and bumps, snapped through short-rad turns with a lot of energy, while also letting me carve longer GS-like turns. Unbelievable edge grip, even on ice. Good in crud, although slightly less stable than the 164cm M10s at speed. The 170 Nitrous loved everything the shorter skis did, except they wanted to do it faster. Great for carving longer GS turns, and were the most stable crud ski I tried. However, I had a hard time maneuvering the 170s through trees and larger bumps. Heavier or more powerful skiers would love them.

Her: Nordica Olympia Victory, 154cm. The 154’s were just right. Very energetic, floated well in powder, on the scraped hardpack they dominated. Just like the marketing says, these skis made me feel like a Greek Goddess.

Him: These were all nice skis. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Recons for their low energy, nor of the Elans because of their short-rad-only tendencies. The B2s would be awesome for a smaller skier or someone looking for a forgiving ski. I liked the M:10s even more than the B2s, because of their stronger edge hold and stability in the crud, while being just as versatile. The 162cm Nitrous did everything the M:10s did, except with even more energy and snap. So I bought them. Thankyouthankyouthankyou to all those who recommended them.

Her: If I skied aggressively and paid attention to my technique, the Nordica Olympia Victory’s gave me the best turns of my life. I loved these skis, they were definitely my first choice. I would place the Dynastar Legends 2nd and the Elan Magfire 8 3rd.

Big thanks to the boys at the Top Shelf ski & boot shop on the mountain for treating us so well.
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Great reviews,

Always great to see a male/female take on equipment!


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Great write-up! Thanks for that... and the male/female take (especially on similar skis) is awesome.
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Thanks, we enjoyed the demos and writing up the report. You're right that there aren't a whole lot of women's ski reviews. Hope some other women find it helpful.
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Excellent! I'm a few levels down from your GF, and the Legends are my perfect, versatile ski. Her descriptions are highly accurate. Has your girlfriend tried the Burnin' Luvs?
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I found this review very helpful!
I'm trying to find an alternative to B2's and I think I'm going to find the B3's not as good on the groomed runs, so maybe I'll try the Nordica's too.

Anyway thanks for the his/her comparisons - I especially found the length variations interesting!
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