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bandit x, what length??

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Hi, i am a level 8 skier that likes to ski the whole mountain and occasionaly likes to visit the parks and bumps.

I am 5'10" and weigh around 150, but am aiming for around 160 so I would like a ski to accomodate the wieght gain.

I was looking at a bandit x 184, is that too long...i can get a deal on that length as it seems that everyone wants the 177. Would you recommend any other skis?

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Try the Bandit XX if you can, it's a much better ski than the X. I am 5'9, 170 and use the XX in a 177cm. I found the only place the 184 made a positive difference was on big turns on variable snow, but since I ski trees and tight places a lot, I chose the shorter length, it's also easier for jumping/skiing the pipe. It also carves GS turns very nicely on groomed/hardpack, even with the 74mm waist. I found the X to be pretty boring, not much to it, not much floating power either. Again, unless you are doing lots of high speed turning, the shorter length will be more manoevurable and easier for park related activities [img]smile.gif[/img]. Try to demo if possible!

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Just last weekend i demoed the Bandit X i tried both the 177 and the 184, I thought the 177 was a much better choice. Am 5'8" 158lbs right now. Especialy in the bumps the 177 was alot better plus the 177 was great at speed but then again i didnt go that fast because of conditions being quite bumpy and alot of other people on the slops that day.

For what its worth the Rossignol rep said the 177 was a better choice for me and he was right.
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I am 6 feet exactly and I currently ski older Bandit X in 191. I am thinking about trying XX in 184 for next year.

I think the ballpack ski length is just over or about the same as your height. Than demo and find out which one you like best.

If you are looking for variable snow performance I would look at the XX since you will get better lift and stability from wider ski.

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I demoed the X last month and agree that the 177 is probably the better length for your H/W. I'm 5'8", 150-155lbs, and the 77 felt better in most circumstances - including short/medium turns and bumps. The 184 was a little better at long fast turns and a little more stable at higher speed, but didn't feel as versatile. (I rarely ski that fast with other people around). If you spend much time in bumps or terrain parks, I'd go with the 177.
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I recently purchased a new set of 184 Bandit X,s. I too am a level 8 skier. I'm six feet tall and weigh 195 lbs.

I loved this length and I loved the ski. Since I spend about 70 % of my time on the groomed blue and black runs this ski works very well for me.

I also enjoyed this ski in the moguls and it performed well in the crud. Enjoy.

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