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Another Salomon Boot Question

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Does any know...how different are the shell sizes/shapes with the x-wave series and the Salomon Pro Model? I've decided that LENGTH wise the x-wave 9 fits perfect, but as far as width is conerned it perhaps is not the best fit. My heel slips slightly in the rear and I like em' SNUG. Wouldn't ordering the same size in the pro model solve this problem? Or would I run into length problems etc. For example, with a shell size I found that a 27.5 is perfect in the x-wave, but is the shell so diffent in the pro model that it would be a mistake to assume that if a salomon boot fits correct in one line, it WILL NOT fit even CLOSE to the same in another. I hope this post isn't too confusing,

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The pro model and course models are known to be very low volume boots, but if i would deffinitly go try the boot on. There is no other way to tell how it will fit you without trying the boot on.
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The pro model/course series are lower volume than the Xwave. I wouldn't really call them very low volume but again lower volume than XWave. Length should remain quite consistent and if the heel of the XWave is loose you should be fine that way. If the heel is too narrow you can be pushed forward a bit and the boot can feel short. That is easily remedied by re working the heel a little and keeping a nice snug heel pocket that lets you settle back into it. If your toes are quite square sometimes going to a narrower toe box can cause you to wedge in and again the boot seems short. If you don't have square toes that probably isn't a problem. Regardless as said above you should try it on to be sure and BE SURE TO SHELL FIT THE BOOT.
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course is pretty narrow compared to the x-wave. if your foot can fit it, it's VERY comfortable. The Pro model is significantly, i think, softer than the x-wave so that might be a concern. Try checking out the nordica W10 or somewhere around there. very agressive heel pocket, and fits about the same as a pro model in the forefoot. also, stiffer than pro model.

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