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Well, it's been a long week in Tahoe, braving rain, blackouts and horrible road conditions. But today, finally, it was all worth it. I've been here since last Tuesday and skiied last Thursday at was okay, considering the 2 days of rain that preceeded it. Then finally, yesterday, after too many days of rain, watching snow accumulate and get erased and accumulate and get erased again, we made our way up to Mt. Rose with high hopes to finally ski, since they said they had received over 60" of snow while we got rain at lower levels. We pulled in to the parking lot, unpacked the car, started down to the lifts...and they shut them! Luckily, we had not bought our tix yet. So back in the cars and off we drove down to Northstar, arriving at 11:30. Ticketed and on the lifts at 12:30PM. It was much fun, for the few hours we had until the rain set in again at around 3PM.

Then last night it rained and rained some more, dampening any hopes we had for one last day of skiing before real life set in again. Only to wake up this morning to about 10" of fresh snow in the driveway! We got up and made a quick getaway to Sugarbowl and had a spectacular day! So much snow and it just kept on going. What a day!!

My sympathy goes out to anyone who had to drive out in the mess today, especially on I-80 (as I skiied myelf to exaustion!) And I'm going to sneak in a few hours tomorrow, hopefully in the sunshine, before returning to the Bay Area tomorrow afternoon (Don't tell my boss, she thinks I'm snowed in!!)

Anyway, what a way to start the new year! A happy, happy to you all and may you make lots of turns in 2006!