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After reading tons of info on this forum, I decided to buy some tools and supplies and edge and wax my skis. I spent about $200 at Tongar. I like tools, so I just bought whatever seemed to be good to have. The critical tools for edging turned out to be the base and edge guides and a set of diamond stones. I didn't need a rilling bar or chrome file; but I have them if I need them in the future. I already have tons of auto, metal and woodworking tools, so it is all good.

I used a household iron for waxing. It was pretty intuitive to melt and spread the wax. Used a soft wax to clean the base; and then finished with either a warm or cold temp wax. A good plastic scraper is necessary, and you also need some good bronze and nylon brushes.

I an a recreational skier, not a racer, so I stuck to the basic wax techniques. I thought I would wax the bottoms like wax a car, but I see now that the wax is not added to the surface of the ski, but rather into the surface or base of the ski.

Of course this is all theory as I have not actually skied them yet. I know, however, they will be good to go, and the next time I will modify my technique until I get to the place where I have my own personal tune routine.