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Low Fluoro Waxes

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I have waxed my skis before with a universal wax which I didnt find hard to do. They weekend is looking cold for my part of the country so I figured I would put on some Low Fluoro, when I go to do this I had a very hard time getting the wax to melt and once it melted and dripped onto the ski it immediatly hardend, when I went to put the iron onto the ski, the wax started flaking off. Is this normal, or did I do something wrong, someone please help me out. Thanks
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Up the temperature, the wax shouldn't just be melting, it should be melting fast without smoking.
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What temperature wax are you using? It sounds like you have some really cold Swix LF4 or something to the likes... My advice is... DON'T USE IT. I rarely go lower than LF6. LF/CH4 is overkill for most cold conditions. You can very easily bubble your bases and dammage your skis by using it. You need to get it so thin that you do not need to scrape it (because it will chip off). I would recommend hot scraping if you are hell bent on using it. Preferably use a real waxing iron as to not get too high of a temp. Let the ski cool between iron passes...

Pretty much it is bad news to use that wax unless it is an emergency and you REALLY need it. If you are using CH/LF6 you shouldn't have a problem.


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I think it is Toko Wax, it says from 14 degrees to 22 degrees, the base of my ski looks really messed up, I hope I can fix what ever is going on. It looks like wax is still on in some places but it will not come off, any advice on what could be happening?
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1. Don't burn your ski bases.

2. Wax will scrape off with a PLASTIC scraper.

3. Your iron is likely not hot enough.

4. When you increase the temperature of your iron, do not make it so hot that the wax smokes.

5. Your iron will likely not have a very good temperature control on it.

6. Does it have holes for steam? It's better not to. Sometimes the temperature regulator can be affected by having an iron that is supposed to have water in it but doesn't. You don't want water in the iron.

It is normal for the wax to drip onto the ski and stay in drops, until you spread it out with the hot iron. The hot iron should leave a little pool or liquid wax behind it as you pass over the wax drops. Read the tuning faqs again.
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I would say the iron was not hot enough. Crank it up a little and iron the wax in again.

When I use the cold (blue) wax I notice that it cools faster. Just lift the iron a bit and melt it in.
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Is it just me or is it harder to scrape these waxes also, my bases do not look the best after I used this. I am finding it very hard to remove all the excess wax, any advice?
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You will need a very sharp scraper. I have a jointer that I use to sharpen all of my scrapers.
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