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Bindings w/wide brakes

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Beginning the search for bindings for my wider skis (78 in the waist). Which bindings COME WITH wide brakes?


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Salomon makes a 912 ti with qa brake that fits over any fat ski. Not sure who else does...
Looking for fat skis, let me know if you'r einterested in some pocket rockets w/ the above mentioned binders.
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A lot of brakes can be bent to accomodate wider skis. I just picked up a pair of Chubbs and put Look bindings on them.

Here the binding:

Look TX Binding
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Ryan You can buy a wide brake for Salomon bindings.I mounted the 912 on my Chubbs with the wide brake.
Sugar I think your going to like the Chubbs.I know I like mine.They are a blast in the afternoon spring mush, It's sorta like water skiing.
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Atomic makes an "EX" version of their Xentrix 412 and 614 bindings. Same binding but with wider brake. That is what I used when I bought my 10.EX skis (84 mm waist).
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Some Rossi Freeride bindings come stock with a wide brake.
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Atomic has bindings with wide brakes.
Either the Xentrix 4.12 or 6.14 are available in the following widths;
Normal - up to 72mm - for most mid fats.
EX - 88mm - for R:EX and Stomp
Sugar Daddy - 99mm - for Sugar Daddy
Big Daddy - 107mm - for Big Daddy
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Don't forget Marker.
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78mm , thats just on the line between bending out and getting fat brakes. On my Mtn. Xs I went for the fat brakes on a pair of Rossi Axial 120s. Don't think that any bindings come with brakes that would fit a 78mm without bending.

The only problem I had with fat brakes is that it took 6 months to get them ( ordered end of season)but it worked out fine as they didn't charge me as it took so long.
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I mounted Salomon 850ti bindings on my G4s, with the wide brakes (and no lifters). This has been a really good, lightweight setup for a wider, heavier ski- although the G4 really isn't that hefty in a 178.
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ryan, you scoundrel, you fatty skier! what did you buy with a 78mm waist?
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Fischer Mtn. X.
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Salomon makes wide brakes, but, like Sugar said, you can bend the ones you have. I have done this in the past and had no problems.
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Even bindings with wide brakes may not be what your looking for. If they don't fit stock, and are close, save some money and time by bending them. Its just a small piece of metal rod.
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