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ISO some edge material

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i'm about to undertake some surgery on a damaged pair of skis...and need to replace 3 sections of the edge...has anyone taken apart an old ski for a similar project who could part with some 6" (or so) sections?

also, any leads on purchasing sheet p-tex?
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Tognar has both.
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definitely tognar.

however, if you're in a hurry, some shops will sell you their repair supplies. you might want to call the local ski shops that have decent repair folks.
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thanks both of you for the lead!
their site looks great...they even have the screws!
fortunately i'm not in a rush.
this will be my project for weekends when it's not worth heading out (there's sure to be a few more in the northeast)...the goal's to get the skiis done in time for the soft spring snow, and keep the other's out of the repair cue in the meantime ;^)
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