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Bolle Nova

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I was watching the US Freestyle comp on Tivo and most of the male bump skiers were wearing Bolle Nova goggles.

I have been looking for a large goggle that fits well with my Fuse so I am going to order a pair.

Has anyone used these google or the Modulator lens that changes from 66% to 28% Visible Light Transmission?
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Well I bought the goggles online and received them the other day.

They fit my Giro Fuse perfectly and they have a nice design to them.

The foam is soft and has a thin felt lining where it touches your face.

I can't wait to try them out in varying light conditions to see how well the lens changes tint.
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How is the peripheral vision on them?
Please keep us informed on their light characteristics after you use them on the mountain in varying conditions.
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We've just ordered a pair each with the modulator lens. Good to know it fits with the Fuse perfectly. Which colour modulator did you go for? We've ordered one citrus and one vermillion to see which we like best on the grounds we can always swap one pair. I too would be interested to know how you find the lens when you've used it in anger
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Blast! Nowhere seems to have any stock of the modulator goggles (Bolle, not the shops) - have tried the UK and France, CH distributor says no shops in CH ordered them. Foiled!!!!
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I bought a pair of the Nova Vermillion Red len's from work awhile back, and i found them to be amazing for high light and sunny days, but the exact oppisite for overcast and night skiing, you cant see anything in the dark and i have the tree marks to prove it

heres an idea of the ones i bought

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Bolle has the Phototropic lens that will lighten and darken as the sun gets brighter. Is this the lens you are talking about or some of the other ones (Vermillion, citrus, rose etc are some of their other more popular colored lens)?
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I did get the Vermillion Modulator lens which adjusts to light and allows 66% to 28% Visible Light Transmission.

Just viewing through the lens indoors is very clear and I think it will be more then adequate for flat light. Hopefully it adjusts well in direct sunlight.

Here is where I bought them from:

There are varying price ranges for different lenses.

Here is a list of the Bolle goggle lenses with good descriptions:
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