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Lange Comp 120 LF Ski Boots 307mm

The Lange Comp 120 LF four buckle Ski Boots are used. I used them for one season so they are broken in but don’t worry they have plenty of life left in them. The LF stands for low fit, which means higher performance. The boots a fairly still but can be lessened by removing one or two screws in the back. These boots are very comfortable and perfect for high-level athletes or weekend cruisers.

For Technical Performance Racers, elite, expert skiers Structure: biinjected comp shell, world cup cuff, energy fork 2 Materials: polyether Devices: canting, 4 microbuckles alu, shell/cuff connector, 2 easy open terminal, double positioning catches, loop grip velcro strap 40 mm nylon Power Lifters: 4 and 8 mm Liner: advanced fit concept Colors: space blue. Retail Price $675.

Power Plate
AFC-Advanced Fit Concept
Adjustable Loop Grip Buckles
Velcro Power Strap
Adjustable Canting
Adjustable Stiffness

Technica Icon Race XT 17 Ski Boots 303mm

The Technica Icon Race XT 17 boots are ideal for the dedicated skier. These boot are used and have only one season under their belt. They are in good shape and still have plenty of life left in them. This is a great race boot but it’s not too stiff for the average skier.

Power Spoiler
Adjustable EXT Aluminum Micro Buckles
Velcro Power Strap
Adjustable Canting

e-mail me to negotiate price at I am more than happy to e-mail you pictures of the boots.