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Selection of Olympic Team - Page 2

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Are these official now?

yes Miller
yes Rahlves
yes Macartney
yes Sullivan
yes Nyman
yes Schlopy
yes Ligety
yes Knight
yes Cochran
NO Rothrock - Apparently, they're going with Cochran in one of the discretionary slalom slots (along with Bode)

yes Kildow
yes Lalive
yes Cook
yes Clark
yes Ludlow
yes Mancuso
yes Koznick
yes Stiegler
yes Schleper

I couldn't find any announcements on SkiRacing.com or on the US Ski Team sites.

I don't want to spread the news to a bunch of my friends here in JH if it turns out Resi Stiegler didn't actually make it. You know?

Thanks again for all your work. Well done.
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Those are official. They'll appear on the news sites at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

Okay ... to be perfectly technical, those are the US Ski Team's selection. They need to be officially approved by the USOC, but I think that's a formality (unless someone appears on a list of terrorist-supporters or something).
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