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which skis are better?

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Rossingnol Cuts or Atomic 9'20's? I would appreciate some feedback thanks!
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Define "better"

Once you've done that, check out the powdermag forum, where they know a lot more than we do about what is better for you.

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Since when do the French excel at manufacturing goods? I once heard a rumor that a guy skied on a pair of Rossi's for 3 days straight and only one of them de-lamed!
But that's just my francophobic .02.
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OK, I'm going to rise to the bait here.

Renault, Peugeot, Citroen - Car manufacturers
With credits such as:
Renault: manufactured all-conquering F1 engines in the 1980s. Peugeot: best sub 2 litre diesel engine for the last 15 years
Citroen: 2CV, adjustable suspension

Have you ever been to France?

Better food, better wine than anywhere else in the world. They know how to live! It's also a beautiful country.

I used to drive a Ford. It broke down a couple of times, it rusted, and got broken in to once. Does this mean that:
1. All Fords are garbage,
2. American companines can't do anything right?
I don't think so, but can I be sure?

End of rant.

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LMAO Fox. Well done. In my defense, it's early in the morning and the only French things I could think of were Maginot Lines and Rossi's. I should have been more diplomatic and said "I've skied both, and prefer Atomics." (BTW, I really do like France; been there 3 times.) One good thing came out of my obtuse blanket statment: I've found a fellow F1 freak!
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I've enjoyed my Salomons, Rossis, K2's and Atomics, never had a problem with any of them. Oh, and Heads. and Volkls. That's all, I think.

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Id get the atomics, no true reason accept i skied the 10.6 a few years back and found it to be rather dead, boring, ugly, and the tips flapped like a flag in the wind at any kind of speed. I'm trusting that the beta lobes in the 9.20's might give the ski a little more stability over the rossis... and if you are planning on skiing them for a long time i would get the atomics because the rossi foam cores last only about 80 - 100 days of skiing. Regarding the 80 - 100 days -> this means 80 to 100 days of hard skiing, looking at an intermediate ski you may not have to worry about this because you may not ski as hard as an expert skier... not sure.
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