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Freeride & AT Bindings

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Hi, I’m planning to buy a new pair of skis – freeride/ all mountain (I think I’ll choose either rossignole b2 or elan m666). Every now and then I’d like to do some touring so the ratio would be: on-piste/ off-piste/ touring - 50% / 30% / 20%

Question: is that possible to use AT bindings with this kind of skis? It seems it’s not possible in case of m666 – they have an integrated binding system... Do such bindings perform well on groomed? What kind of skis would you recommend?


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good binding comparisons can be found at Lou Dawson's "Wild Snow" BC skiing blog.


most of my friends prefer Fritschi Freeride. I'm using Naxo N01 but haven't got the bugs worked out yet. I'm getting too much movement, might be that I need to crank up my heel DIN.

for skis, I know folks who use anything from a very light AT-designed ski that is narrow and straight by modern ski standards, all the way up to a Volkl Mantra. the question is whether you want to have a traditional construction + metal ski's weight being dragged uphill with every skinning stride/step. but the guy I know who's using Mantras + Freerides used to have his Freerides mounted on the very heavy Volant Machete skis, and he used to skin up quite a few long steepish routes. might have something to do with his incredible fitness and strength, as he's a former top local amateur MTB and road bike racer.
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It would help to know what kind of skiing you do - where you ski - what kind of conditions you usuallly deal with on - piste or backcountry - whether you're experienced in powder blah blah blah.
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fritschi freeride

most folks up here have better luck with the freeride. it breaks less. get the ones with the din to 12 and make sure you get the right width brakes(they can be bent a little). also get yerself some trim-2-fit climing skins(ascention). good a t skis are good all mountain skis-mid fat or fatter and not too much sidecut.
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