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Boot Alignment Expert in Orange Co, CA?

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My teenage daughter tried skiing on her new equipment last week. We found that her tendancy to be a bit knock-kneed has a greater affect when on the better, and better fitting, gear (she previously rented).
The Salomon boots fit her well, but don't have a angle/cant adj. in the cuff. At the moment she just has off-the-shelf Superfeet. Custom beds should help. But other alignment changes are probably needed. Maybe cants under the bindings?

She will be going on a quick two-day trip to Mammoth in a couple of weeks, but doesn't want to miss out on skiing by spending part of the day at Footloose.

Can anyone recommend a good boot/alignment specialist in the greater Orange County area? Or between here and LA. Thanks.
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Claude Swonger at Ski Net Sports in Studio City is one of the best in the nation -- he worked on my Tecnicas last week, and I'm ecstatically happy with them... Fantastic fit.
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I had my Superfeet corks fitted and done at Sport Chalet. There are Sport Chalets in Orange County in Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and Brea.
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SUREFOOT has a store in Santa Monica at 1426 Montana Ave, 310-393-3331 is the phone number. They also have a location at Mammoth if you need further assistance during your ski trip. This company specializes in custom orthotics and alignment and sells ski boots only. www.surefoot.com

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Thanks for the recommendation. We went to see Claude last week and had him make custom orthotics/footbeds for my daughter and go thru the alignment process. He is a true expert.

We skied at Summit on Saturday. In her words... "The best day I've had skiing - ever!"
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Not a problem [img]smile.gif[/img] He told me that someone from this board had come in and mentioned my post, so I knew SOMEONE had... glad to hear it was you.

I'm still really happy about my footbeds, and also quite ecstatic about the skis he recommended for me, Head Monsters. Surprisingly quick edge-to-edge, stable even in bad (hard) snow...

I'm going to post a longer review of this ski as soon as i've had the opportunity to get some more days on it -- 2 days at Mammoth this coming weekend should help :P

take care, and good luck with the footbeds,

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