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April Skiing Alta/Snowbird?

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Well Cr*ap... Here in New Mexico where I live there just isn't any snow. My 13yo son who lives in Cali with his mom loves to ski, and I usually bring him out for MLK weekend and Presidents weekend. Unless things change drastically around here it won't be worth it to fly him out for 4 days over MLK week. We spent a great week skiing Crested Butte and Monarch last week - but a three day weekend doesn't really offer the time we need to head north.

To make matters worse his spring break is really late this year, April 7th -16. I'm contemplating a trip to Utah with him that week. It's the last week of the scheduled season and I'm wondering what kind of conditions we could expect if we go?

I reckon it's pretty much of a crap shoot - but would appreciate any info about late season conditions at Alta/Snowbird from those that are familiar with them
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Alta/Snowbird should be just fine for that time of the year. They are routinely tops in North America for average snowfall. Alta averages 72.25" inches of Snow in April. I would be very surprised if the skiing was decent.

You can find cheap hotels outside the entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon. When I go I like to stay in a Marriot Business Hotel that is a few miles from the road up to the mountain. It was cheap in season, I would expect it to be even cheaper out of season.
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From looking around there is little doubt I'll be able to hook up with a great lodging deal that week. I'll probably book the air travel this week to save some bucks and wait to hammer out a lodging deal a week or two before we leave.

We ski hard - first lift to last lift and aren't afraid to hike to get the goods. I guess I'm mostly curious about what sort of conditions we'll find off the beaten path...

Since we rarely have the energy to do much after a day of skiing I expect we will stay up canyon in one of the lodges. I would also welcome recomendations or insight into the quality of the lodges at Alta...
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My relatives have a condo at the Iron Blossam at the 'bird during the 3rd week of March. In the 12+ weeks I have spent there over the years I have seen it all... from thigh deep blower pow to the worst sunbaked slop you can imagine (2004 stands out for some of the worst) the morale is be prepared for anything..and you can't really predict spring time conditions in the Wasatch..usually we have had several powder days (except for 2004 and one or two others) during our the odds are favorable
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As for lodging, the good news is that you'll be in low season. The bad news is that in the town of Alta, it will still be expensive. Don't rule out the cliff at snowbird. You can usually get good late seaons deals. There should be bus service between the resorts. In town, in order of prefrence, I'd look at the Rustler lodge, Alta Lodge, Peruvian, Goldminers and Snowpine. That's about it for the options unless you go the condo route.

As for the skiing conditions, the coverage will be good, as others have said, be ready for anything. If it gets warm, some folks will hang it up midday. If you're into fly fishing, or golf, you can do both on warm days.

I think you'll like Alta if you've never been there. There are places where it reminds me a lot of TAOS....

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Hi MK,

I was in Snowbird during the first weekend in May last year and it was awesome. Overnight lows were in the teens and the afternoon high was about 35F. I had two days of powder and two days of sun.

I found a good double occupancy deal at the Inn at Snowbird. Also, the Extended Stay America Inn in Sandy can be very cheap.

Hope that helps,

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The Snowpine is already dangling a deal for that week of $124 per person including lift ticket, breakfast and dinner. The room is pretty sparse and we would have to shower and poop in the bathroom down the hall. Anyone ever stayed there?
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We usually go there evey year at that time for my birthday and many years we have had some excellent powder skiing. The spring storms usually have a lot of moisture, so you either get slush conditions, powder, or frozen door knobs if you get there during a cold snap when it doesn't snow. Based on my experience over the last 7 years I would say that you have an excellent chance of at least some real good skiing if you stay a week, and probably some powder, but you may also have some days where you will be checking out the end of the season sales in town.
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Just a thought..
..but that is probably the best time of year to go to Banff. Nice snow and nice temps , two good mountians and not crowded.... Went there last April and had a great time.
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